Fusion 9 – COMPLETE Lighting Shading Tutorial with new Spherical Camera

This is a time-lapse of a Tutorial which will be released soon. Patrons will enjoy a pre-release.

Lighting Rendering with Maya MR Compositing in Fusion.

Lighting Rendering with Maya Mentalray, Compositing in Fusion.

How to Create 3D Light Ray Effects in Fusion

Learn How to create 3D light rays effects in Blackmagic Design Fusion using build-in tools. Also show you how to play with Text in Fusion.

V-Ray for Maya – Cryptomatte

In this video, we take a look at how to set up the cryptomatte render element for automatic ID matte masks. This allows for faster workflows in Nuke and Fusion.

Building Complex Fusion Effects With the Custom Tool

If you are new to Fusion and to compositing you’ll find plenty of useful information in this tutorial that looks at the custom tool and how to work with channels to create complex effects surprisingly simply. Yet more keying tips included! WARNING: Not all versions of Fusion are the same!!! If you in Fusion 8 […]

How to Create Edge Extension in Fusion, Fixing Z-Depth Issues

EDIT: What I am saying about the grain at the end is incorrect. I CONFUSED it with noise. Noise will be more present in dark areas and happens with digital cameras. Grain however is stronger in light areas. But again, if it looks right, it is right. Thanks to Bryan Ray for clarifying it. Sorry […]

Create a 3D Scene from 2D images in Fusion

Camera Projection walkthrough. Transform a 2D image into 3D Space and make it look impressive with very simple tools, such as Displace3D. This Video was pre-released for my Patrons months earlier. Now released for the public. If you would like to get the pre-releases, please support me on Patreon. www.patreon.com/vito

Recreating an After Effects Motion Graphics Element in Fusion

As a response to one of my Patrons, I am demonstrating how to replicate this Motion Graphics Element from a After Effects Tutorial. What you see at the beginning is my improvisation. If you like it and want to see a Tutorial on how I created it, let me know in the comments. Project-Files will […]

Working With Fusion Delta Keyer and a Clean Plate

More on https://vfxstudy.com/tutorials/Delta_Keyer.html The delta keyer is at it’s core a color difference keyer which blackmagic added to Fusion 9. It is probably one of the most advanced and most customizable keyer in Fusion and it can be used together with a clean plate input. An additional clean plate generator is available as well. When […]

Working With the 3D Camera Tracker in Fusion

A tutorial that looks at some workflow recommendations for using the new 3D camera tracker in Fusion 9. Camera tracking can be a frustrating experience if you don’t have a sound strategy for going about it. Learn about effective masking of your scene, viewing and editing the point cloud, using the right tools to set […]

Create a Kaleidoscope Effect With Fusion

Download Sample File: http://bit.ly/2widcVK kaleidoscope Effects are very popular in motion graphics.. so I design some workflows in fusion to create such effects.. I used some expression to achieve it.. BG Sound: bensound.com

Keying With Fusion: Fixing a Real-World Light Wrap

The third part of this advanced keying tutorials series for Fusion. A very useful method for dealing with foreground edges that are affected by too much real world light wrap – there are many uses for this versatile technique which is well worth knowing. Part One here: https://youtu.be/agH3mOPbGhs Part Two here: https://youtu.be/dB0nBYN05CA

How to Create Rough Hand-Drawn Inspired Edges With Fusion

In this tutorial, we will go through the task of roughing up the edges using a nodal compositing workflow in Blackmagic Design’s Fusion 8. While some of the techniques are specific to Fusion, you should be able to adjust them to pretty much any compositor you have access to. You can read the entire blog […]

SynthEyes Adds New Exporters and Improvements

Shows SynthEyes coordinate system setup including scaling, shadow-object creation, export to Fusion, then a walkthrough of the Fusion nodes created, including (composite) 360VR camera, stabilizer path, and viewer.

Removing Wrinkles With Fusion Studio’s New Planar Tracker

In this tutorial for Fusion 9 Studio I show how the new planar tracker can be used to erase wrinkles from my forehead.

Working With the New Planar Tracker in Fusion 9

In this first of a new Fusion 9 series I show you how to use the planar tracker, which is a wonderfully powerful, yet very simple tool to use, for tracking and compositing anything from bill boards and posters, to swapping out parts of a set.

Overview for the Different Types of Masks in Fusion

Mograph for Fusion Tutorial: Quick Intro to Masks in Fusion Real quick overview of the different types of masks in Blackmagic Design’s Fusion 0:24 Polygon 3:30 B-Spline 4:15 Ellipse 5:50 Rectangle 6:02 Triangle 6:49 Bitmap 8:40 Ranges 9:02 Wand 10:18 Paint node If you like my videos please subscribe…more tutorials to come! Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tomiga2 Instagram: […]

Easily Create a Motion Path from a Mask in Fusion

Wondering how Fusion handles a motion path? Tony Gallardo has been posting some nice tutorial on transitioning from creating mograph in After Effects, over to Black Magic Design Fusion. Being node based, super fast, and a multi-platform application, that can also be used for free, there is little excuse to NOT try it out.If you are […]

How To Automatically Orient Objects Along a Path With Fusion

Mograph for Fusion Tutorial: Auto Orient Along Path! I am pleased to show you how to use modifiers in BlackMagic Design’s Fusion to set objects rotation to their animated motion paths! Their is a brief set up showing you possibilities, then the fun starts at around the 06:00 min mark. If you like my videos […]

Learn a Simple Camera Projection Method in Fusion

A simple method of camera projection in Fusion that yields great results. Download the project assets here: http://tokyo-uk.com/Motion/FusionCamProj.zip