PFTrack7 Videos

Maya Tutorial: PFTrack To Maya

n this Autodesk Maya 2017 tutorial I show you how to go from PFTRack to Maya 2017

Geometry Tracking in PFTrack

The video provides an orientation of rigid and deformable geometry-based tracking in PFTrack.

PFTrack Tutorial – 3D Motion Tracking

3D Motion Tracking For More VFX training check here Part 1 of a series of several tutorials on how to do visual effects seen in Oscar Nominated VFX films. More tutorials coming soon. This video goes over the basics of 3d motion tracking before adding materials in After Effects. This example taken from the Ipad […]

PFTrack Tutorial – 3D Object Tracking Tutorial

PFTrack Tutorial – 3D Object Tracking Tutorial – In this tutorial I explain how to do 3d object tracking in PFTrack 2014. 3d object tracking is one of the most important and most useful effects to do in the VFX industry! Using 3d object tracking you can replace objects within your scene. You can also […]

Pftrack 3d Object \ Face Tracking

In this Tutorial we will see how to track a face in pftrack using 3d face model. This tutorial also shows an application of object tracking. Further we will export the tracking data in Autodesk Maya and make a stunning effect. Do like the video and SUBSCRIBE the channel. Follow me on Instagram Also Follow […]

PFTrack Tutorial – 3d Camera Tracking

In this tutorial I show you how to use the best 3d camera tracking software, PFTrack, from The Pixel Farm. Remember to subscribe to be notified of new weekly tutorials Please leave comments below if you have any questions regarding PFTrack! Thanks for watching – please LIKE / SHARE / SUBSCRIBE Come say hi on […]

Using PFTrack, Maya & After Effects to Correct Barrel Distortion & Composite 3D Elements

James Whiffin takes a look at correcting for barrel lens distortion in After Effects so the shot cam be tracked using the PixelFarm’s PFTrack and then using Maya to create 3D elements to matchmove into the scene. Check out the tutorial for Correcting Barrel Distortion And Compositing 3D Elements Using PFTrack, Maya And After Effects […]