Create Dew and Drops With the Free Houdini Droplet Solver

Houdini Droplet Solver. Download link:

Houdini Engine Indie is Now Free Open the door to powerful procedural workflows with Houdini Engine for UE4. Houdini’s node-based workflow makes it easy to publish networks of nodes as shareable Houdini Digital Assets. With the Houdini Engine, these assets can be loaded into the Unreal Editor with procedural controls available to artists.

Create a Houdini Digital Asset for C4D that Can Use Poly Selection Tags

In this Very brief tutorial, you can see how to create a Houdini Digital Asset for Cinema 4D that can use polygon selections.

Slicer Asset, Rebuilds Objects In Slices With Houdini

This tutorial shows you how to build a slicer asset in Houdini which takes any geometry and rebuilds it with slices. The count, thickness and angle of the slices can be adjusted however you need them. follow us on twitter:

Download a Houdini Fracture Asset for C4D

Houdini fracture asset to C4D Fract2C4D V0.6 link

Bake Animated Deformers or Effectors with Point Cache Tag

This is a follow up on my last tutorial: In that one I went over baking deformers or effectors and creating a polygon object. I had some questions asking if you could bake the animation of your deformer or effector as well. This tutorial shows you how to use the c4d point cache tag […]

Houdini Engine For Cinema 4D Reaches Fist Public Beta

FMX 2015 Workshop with A.Pozantzis, Technology preview: Using Side FX Houdini Digital Assets in Cinema 4D

Easily Send Data Between Houdini and Maya With HCom

houdini to houdini demo: HCom now has a Maya client support, it allows the user to send data from Houdini to Maya throught a local network. You can send bitmaps, meshes ( obj ), alembic cache data, and digital asset ( only if you have Houdini Engine installer on your Maya ). Here is […]

Workflow for Getting 3D Scans to Augmented Reality

Check out my other tutorials and tips at Follow me on Twitter: This workflow is just one of many approaches to take 3d scan data into Augmented Reality or a game engine. What I like about this workflow is that it allows a lot of control over the quality and you are only […]

Creating and Transferring Houdini Digital Assets to Maya

Mark Spevick, our head of 3D, made this awesome Intermediate Houdini workshop, walking you through the process of making an asset in Houdini, and transferring it into Maya using the Houdini engine plug in! Want to learn more about Houdini? Check out our part time course! Hit Subscribe for more! Follow us on Twitter! […]

Houdini Engine Gets Free Public Preview for Maya and Unity

Big news this past summer saw SideFX announce the Houdini Engine, which has recently been made available for public preview. The Houdini Engine will allow you to access Houdini’s core and leverage its procedural strengths in other applications such as Autodesk Maya, Unity, and any other content creation platform through a compact API.Side Effects Software […]

Exporting Animated Character Actions from Blender to Unity 3D

Hadi Hajdarevic shows how to export an animated character in Blender into the Unity 3D engine, showing the workflow from Blender for getting animated assets into Unity to animate a character in blender and export the actions to unity 3DHadi provides some important things to keep in mind when exporting Blender Animations to Unity […]

SideFX Announces the Houdini Engine Allowing Procedural Houdini Assets in Maya, Unity

Side Effects dropped a bomb announcing the Houdini Engine which is set to provide Houdini’s core and procedural technologies in other applications such as Autodesk Maya, Unity, and any other content creation platform through a compact API.a compact API which extracts Houdini’s core technologies into a powerful procedural engine for film and game studios to […]