CG Artist Creates Non-Destructive Procedural Modeling Toolkit for Everyone

Product page:!vdbfusion/yj8w8

Get it here:
or here:

VDBfusion is a procedural modeling toolkit, kinda like Meshfusion for Modo.
I always thought Meshfusion was a great concept, but it’s only available for Modo.

That is why I decided to try to make my own version using a VDB workflow for Houdini Engine, and make this available for everybody 🙂
It’s available for free Gumroad, but of course a donation would be much appreciated!

Houdini Engine recently became completely free, so just install it to try this out 🙂
Main features:
-Completely non-destructive modeling tools
-Stack multiple VDBfusion instances together to create complex geometry
-A lot of optimization options to get the look you want.
If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know!