Character Reel – by Christina Sidoti

Check out this latest reel by the talented Christina Sidoti, showcasing her work as a Character Animator & Layout Artist!
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Christina Sidoti is a Lead Animator, Layout Artist, Previsualization Artist, and Supervisor for film, television, commercials, gaming, and broadcast. Currently, Christina is based in Stockholm but worked in NYC for about ten years and freelances in LA. She
has been educated by Animation Mentor, William Paterson University, and Parsons School of Design. Beyond her skills in character and creature animation, Christina is a story teller designing and uniting camera motion across an edit as a virtual cinematographer. Her reel is a compilation of her animation and motion editing skills through her favorite shots completed with other talented artists at various companies in
the United States and Sweden.

Reel Breakdown
For more detailed credits for each individual spot, go to Christina’s projects page at the
link below and click on the project that you are interested in seeing.

Music Down The Road by C2C

Shot 01
Title: Intro – Winterburst
Client: ATG
Company: Aurora VFX / Fido
Contribution: Character animation.

Shot 02
Title: Winterburst
Client: ATG
Company: Fido
Contribution: Character animation.

Shot 03
Title: Flygresor
Client: Flygresor
Company: Fido
Contribution: Character Animation and camera animation.

Shot 04
Title: Car Chase
Client: Lego – The Lego Movie Commercials
Company: Sir Lancelot
Contribution: Character, object, and camera animation.




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