Creating 3D Mist and Fog in After Effects Using FreeForm Pro

Showing off some of the new features that are coming to Mettle’s FreeFrom Pro, Tim Harris takes a look at creating an environment fly-through using the 3D Mist and Fog features that will be available in FreeForm Pro 1.5, which will be available shortly.Tim Harris shows how to create a terrain fly-through using some of the new Environment features that will be available in FreeForm Pro Version 1.5New versions for both FreeForm Pro and ShapeShifter AE are currently under development, and will see some updates soon, and according to Mettle, Version 1.5 will be free current registered users of FreeForm Pro and ShapeShifter AE. As another teaser, Kevin Schires created a little shot showing some of what is to come with FreeFrom Pro, posted below.Check out the tutorial for Creating an Environmental Fly Through Animation with 3D Mist and Fog Using FreeForm Pro for After Effects here.

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