Creating Sand or Gravel With Octane in C4D

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Hier nun die Octane Version des Sand – Grave – Tutorials.
Ich wünsche Euch viel Spaß mit dem Tutorial und hoffe, es ist etwas hilfreiches für Euch dabei.
Here now the octane version of the Sand – Gravel – Tutorial.
I wish you much fun with this tutorial and hope it is helpful for you.

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Buy “Nikomedias Scene Rig Pro” for only 10€ (All future updates for free):


Project File:
Physical Render…

Octane Render…

“Nikomedias Scene Rig Lite”:

HDRI Test Layout:
Just copy the two files in from the archive to the follwoing folder…
“C:UsersYOUR NAMEAppDataRoamingMAXONCINEMA 4D YOUR VERSIONlibrarylayout”


Maxon Labs:

Backup Folder Script:

Edit-Optimize Script:

Disable SDS Globally:

Points to Circle:

sIBL Loader:




Sélections Supplétives:

Drop to floor (original from but website does not exist anymore):


JPG 8bit to HDRI 32 bit:

NIK Collection (Photoshop):

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