Cycles 4D Updates with New Material Converter, Denoiser

If you’ve purchased Cycles 4D or are considering it, please watch this essential webinar by our Technical Director, Mario Tran Phuc. He will introduce you to dedicated workflows for rendering motion design content with Cycles 4D.

Cycles 4D is INSYDIUM LTD’s dedicated bridge plugin allowing Cinema 4D users to access the Cycles Rendering Engine directly inside Cinema 4D.

The following topics are covered:
• Exploring the core bridge to Cinema 4D
• Material workflows using Mograph Tools
• Cycles 4D; seamless integration with X-Particles 3.5

Demo Scene Files:
The stunning demo scene files that are created during the webinar by Mario are available for download here:

The scene as mentioned above files has been tested with the latest available versions of Cinema 4D R18, X-Particles and Cycles 4D.

We’d like to give our thanks to Maxon for organising and delivering this Webinar.

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