Easily Create a Motion Path from a Mask in Fusion

Wondering how Fusion handles a motion path? Tony Gallardo has been posting some nice tutorial on transitioning from creating mograph in After Effects, over to Black Magic Design Fusion. Being node based, super fast, and a multi-platform application, that can also be used for free, there is little excuse to NOT try it out.If you are familiar with any node based system, Fusion will be pretty easy for you to pick up. If you are deep in the hole of working with layers in After Effects… just imagine, many things that need to be blurred by the same amount, being routed through 1 blur node that can be changed in one place and gets calculated one time. Sounds like a dream, right?In his latest installment of Mograph for Fusion, Tony Gallardo offers a quick look into using a pre-made curve as a motion path. Something that gets used a lot with motion design.

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