Easy Treez for Maya Lets You Design Trees Based On Volume

Presenting ‘Easy Treez V1.0’
Available on Gumroad:

‘Eazy Treez’ is a A Highly Art-directable Canopy-Volume based
Tree-Designing-Tool for Autodesk Maya.

With Eazy Treez –
Artists can create ‘Custom Shape/volume based’ Trees & bushes, and also Add complex ‘Procedural Dynamics’.. with just a few clicks.. within a few seconds.
Create Complex & realistic looking Trees with non-intersecting Branches.

Key Features include:
– Custom Canopy & Truck input shape based Tree Designing.

– Create realistic looking Trees with complex non-intersecting Branches.

– Non-destructive Branching Hierarchy allows artists to Sculpt/deform the Trees to any free-form shapes while still retaining the Branching-structures, pivots & parameterization… So leaves can be re-grown, and Dynamics can be re-applied over and again onto the custom free-form sculpted trees.

– Create complex leaf distribution with Branch Level controls.

– Radial & Linear branching modes.. Radial-mode for general trees, and Linear-mode for pine-like trees.

– Add Procedural Hierarchical Dynamics & motion over Branches & Leaves with just a click.
And visualize & Tweak the dynamic-motions with almost Real-time playback.

Thanks for Watching..!! 🙂