Félix R. Cuevas – Rigging Showreel 2017

Hola!, This is my last reel, I really hope you liked.

# fcRigger #
Tool that I developed after completing the animated features film Condorito, where I put everything I learned.
+ Modular autoRig, that means is not only for standard structures like a biped, could be used for a complex character like a crab or a tree with dynamic on the branch.
+ Has many rigging features that a rig need for production, like isolate rotation/translate parts, ikFk system, stretch and squash, dynamic parts for tails/antennas, etc.
+ Each process of the rigging is kept in separate files, because if there any change like pivots/skinning/blendShapes, the Rig can be rebuild any time. 😉

A special thanks to Hernán Guerra, who was my Rigging Supervisor in the Film 🙂

Music: rarkid – MoonLapse

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