“Happy” directed by Alice Saey

Official music video directed by Alice Saey

Interview and making-of on It’s Nice That:

Thanks to: Ruben van Asselt, Hester Postma, Rebecca Joly, Tess Martin, Auke Triesschijn

People should be happy. Even this Egyptian goose, who tries to cast a spell on us with a seductive dance. Its gracious and clumsy movements captivate us. But it’s not the only one to master the dance. Three flocks of geese each led by their guru goose also share the pond; all of them torn between their desire to express their own individuality and the urge for group behavior. Soon the water begins to rise. Never mind. The geese will keep on dancing for us until they drown.
A video about the search for ones own identity through seemingly audacious self-expression on the one hand and the undeniable drowning into the masses on the other.

Rotterdam based singer/songwriter Mark Lotterman found a very special way to release his 5th record, HOLLAND. He asked painters, filmmakers, writers, scientists, and photographers to contribute something to one of the songs from the album.
Visit albumholland.com

Ottawa International Animation Festival (CA) 2017
Festival Silhouette 2017, Paris (FR)
PIAFF Paris International Animation Film Festival (FR) 2017
KROK International Animation Festival (RU) 2017
Turku Animated Film Festival (FI) 2017
Pixelatl (MX) 2017 – “All you need is love” programme
Anim’est Romania (RO) 2017
Animasyros 10 International Animation Festival + Agora (GR) 2017
Bucheon International Animation Festival (KO) 2017
3D Wire, Segovia (SP) 2017
KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival (NL) 2017
Banjaluka International Animated Film Festival (BA) 2017
Tofuzi – International Festival of Animated Films (GE) 2017

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