Luke Dodd from Jellyfish Demonstrates Nuke’s Role in ‘Planet Dinosaur’

Luke Dodd the VFX Supervisor at Jellyfish show how NUKE was used in the BBC documentary Planet Dinosaur, showing Nuke’s 3D environment for creating set extensions and landscapes as well as how the Nuke workflow integrated into the project.The Foundry Writes: Luke Dodd, VFX Supervisor at BAFTA Award Winning VFX House Jellyfish shows us how NUKE was used in the BBC follow up documentary to ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’. Luke explains how NUKE’s 3D environment was invaluable when creating set extensions in the pre-historic landscapes for the show. These were vital to the look and feel of this iconic BBC documentary series which has earned them a BAFTA.© Planet Dinosaur (BBC 1). Courtesy of Jellyfish.

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