Maya | Manually Shrink Wrapping a Mesh Onto Another

With the addition of the Modeling Toolkit, Maya has seen some modeling workflow improvements, one in particular, is the ability to shrink-wrap objects.On the off chance that you either wish to know how to create an object shrink wrap, or the modeling toolkit is not working for you, Then David Lally shows how to shrink wrap objects manually in Autodesk Maya in this installment of his Modeling Minute Series.Maya’s Modeling Toolkit is supposed to let you shrink wrap any mesh onto any live meshDavid shows how to manually shrink wrap one mesh onto another mesh by way of the Maya Muscle System, which has a few more steps, but is still rather simple and straight forward.There is also a good tip here for using the Wrap Deformer to attach a piece of geometry to the mesh that will be used a shrink wrap, giving you an easy way to place objects such as pockets on modeled clothing.