mocha | Tracking Difficult Screen Inserts With mocha

Imagineer Systems posts a recent webinar that took place, showing how to solve an assortment of screen tracking situations using both mocha Pro and mocha AE’s planar tracking tools.In this webinar tutorial, Product Manager Martin Brennand takes you through a variety of screen tracking scenarios using mocha AE and mocha Pro’s planar tracking toolsMocha is a fantastic tool for tracking in screen inserts, making it easy to get a great track, but there are times when tracking can become difficult, when things or people move in front of the thing you are trying to track, or there is a strong reflection in the glass of the handheld device that can interfere with tracking.Here, Martin offers a process in solutions for some of this problematic situations showing how you can still get a track for a screen insert.The topics that are covered here are screens that go offscreen, dealing with obstructions, creating a track with little information, using adjust track for tricky corners, how to deal with shiny gadgets, and some approaches to lens distortion. Martin notes that most techniques shown are possible in all versions of mocha, with the exception of some Lens module and Insert render techniques.