New Art-Directable Cobwebs Tool for Maya Looks to be a Doozy

Presenting ‘KobVebs V1.0 for Maya’:)
Available on Gumroad:

‘KobVebs’ is an Art-Directable Cobwebs creation tool for Autodesk Maya.

With KobVebs Tool –
Artists can create natural looking, complex & organic Cobweb structures within a matter of minutes, with just a few clicks.

Key Features include:
– Mininum & maximum Length/Distance threshold based Cobwebs creation.

– Create complex Cobwebs connecting in between any 2 poly-mesh models.

– Create complex dense Cobwebs covering over single poly-mesh OR Face-selections.

– Create complex Cobwebs connecting multiple curves.

– Auto collision/push-out while creating Webs over meshes.

– Custom collision tool for pushing-out web-string which are penetrating inside meshes.

– Create as many layers of cobweb strings & sub-strings.

– All Cobweb strings-shapes output are native Maya curves,
so they can be rendered with popular renderers by assigning render-thickness attributes (like Arnold Renderable Curves)

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