New Shapes Update Features Additions and Maya 2018 Compatibility

Quick overview of the new features and improvements of SHAPES 4.4.

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List of changes for SHAPES 4.4:

– channel action to remove the target deltas for the entire mesh or selected components only
– weight and region maps can now be stored in an optional JSON file format
– paint value submenu when painting weight or region maps
– ability to lock regions from editing and normalization
– when entering Edit Mode the selected components are maintained on the sculpt mesh
– the behavior of the base weights warning message can now be controlled from the preferences
– added a check if the meshes transform and shape node names are unique
– if the blend shape data node doesn’t match the blend shape node’s name anymore when changed outside of SHAPES it gets automatically renamed when loading the mesh the next time
– improved the handling of asymmetrical meshes when mirroring shapes
– added a brush symmetry and color display toggle to the paint shape weights context menu
– SHAPESBrush: size and strength attributes can now be adjusted with a higher precision in the tool settings window
– SHAPESBrush: the default SHAPES brush type can now be set from the SHAPES preferences
or the brush tool settings
– SHAPESBrush: new grab and twist brush type

– compatibility with Maya 2018

– values of 1 are discarded after inverting a region map
– error message occurs after the SHAPES window got closed and the last selected target shape’s value is changed when moving the time slider
– SHAPESBrush: Paint Freeze Symmetry is enabled by default
– SHAPESBrush: several issues when setting options from the brush marking menu