SideFX Announces the Houdini Engine Allowing Procedural Houdini Assets in Maya, Unity

Side Effects dropped a bomb announcing the Houdini Engine which is set to provide Houdini’s core and procedural technologies in other applications such as Autodesk Maya, Unity, and any other content creation platform through a compact API.a compact API which extracts Houdini’s core technologies into a powerful procedural engine for film and game studios to integrate into proprietary applicationsSideFX has also announced the plugins for Autodesk Maya and the Unity Game Engine Editor that will be released in the oncoming months, making these plugins available as a technology preview, that will solicit feedback from the community before they land as released.This is quite exciting news, and watching the introduction video should give you the bated excitement of great potential.Keep in mind that this type of exchange is hardly new, we have seen this with Fabric Engine’s Creation Platform, and more recently Creation Splice offering highly extendable high performance operators for the Maya tools pipeline. If you are unfamiliar, check the vid below:

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