Suraj Nayak – 3D Artist – Lighting Showreel 2018

Suraj Nayak, 3D Artist

Wey (Advert, Underpants)
Lighting and rendering all shots. Shading, modelling and kitbashing the environment and drone in all shots excluding the second.

Steinlager Tokyo Dry (Adver, Palace Studio)
I was tasked with doing the majority of lighting and texturing in this commercial and created lit scene setups to be used by other artists for other shots. In the video, I have done the lighting for all shots excluding Lantern man shot where I only did the interior lighting of the character, textured all characters except Bonzai-men dancing, I did all parts of the Rice-man except for the particle sim.

The world without Canada (Documentary, Cause+FX)
Lighting, shading and rendering of the car and the grass field. Created the grass and the animated tire skid marks using MASH in Maya.

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 (TV series, Digipost)
Lighting, shading and rendering all shots. Modelling the head wound on Ruby, cloth sim for the mouth drool. Animation in all shots. CG bits in this shot include interior of the Cougi mascot’s mouth; tongue thru the photoframe; destroyed jaw including the tongue, teeth and the upper lips; ruby’s head wound and ruby’s dismembered thigh.

Into the rainbow (Feature film, Digipost)
I was tasked mainly with lighting, look dev, texturing and modelling on this feature film. Was part of a small team of two 3d artists and a 3d lead. Fully lit and textured the provided models of the satellite, heli and jet. Redesigned, modified and enhanced their geo. Projection mapped the background in heli shot.

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 (TV series, Digipost)
I was the only 3D artist at the studio and had to come up with creative ways of making gory details in CG. In the video, I modelled, textured, tracked, animated, lit and rendered the displacing geo for melting head and also did everything except for blood and compositing on the CG chest wound.

DAZN (Advert, Palace Studio)
I was tasked mainly with lighting, look dev and modelling one of the prominent stadiums in Japan for this commercial. Worked with two other 3D artists on this. Lit, modelled and textured the whole stadium including the signs, fluttering flags and stadium lights. Crowd not done by me.

Young Dragon – My personal project, aim was to enhance my zbrush workflow and learn new techniques. Also, I love dragons.

“Over the Moon” Short Film – A Team Production in my 3rd year in Media Design School – Bachelor of Art & Design, It was a group of 15 students and it took us about 6 months to produce it. I modelled and textured one of the main assets in the film, the Lunar Module in about 4 weeks with ongoing tweaks and modification throughout the duration of the project. My tasks also included lighting a lot of the exterior shots that had the Lunar Module, creating a few bash comps, final comping a couple of shots and simple animation on the lunar module in three shots.
In the video, Animation of the Lunar Module in the first shot is done by me. The flares and the dynamics is not done by me. The Moon surface and the star filled space is done by me in Nuke. The contact sparks of the bullets and falling dust in second shot is done by me. The muzzle flashes are not done by me. All major compositing in the sceond shot is done by me except for the final grade.

“Covering the Queen” Still Life – All assets done by me. This was a final year project in my second year at Media Design School. It took approx 6 weeks from conceptualization to completion.

Music credit:
Color Plus –!/colorplusmusic

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