SynthEyes INTENSE – knowledge for Camera Tracking

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In this intense 3D Tracking Tutorial I take you through syntheyes powerful Camera Tracking features.

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********************************** WHAT YOU WILL LEARN:
–1.–We will start by quickly discussing the principles behind camera tracking – Photogrammerty – to make you familar with matchmoving

–2.–The following lessons will be spent on syntheyes User Interface and on Workflow optimization.

–3.–Jumping right into Target Tracking we will discuss the matchmovers decision on wheather a feature is good to track or not, followed by an intense lesson on supervised Target Tracking with SynthEyes 2008 target functionalitys and the Graph Editor.

–4.–We will automize the tracking and let SynthEyes find optional good features – and of course doing an auto-cleanup.

–5.–Discussing fine-tuning, we will take a look at the variety of ways, syntheyes lets us optimize our camerapath smoothness and reduce pixel error.

–6.–Of course we will also go into previsualizing the track quality and with some **Extra Lessons** we will discuss shot-stabilization and lens-distortion.


00:00 – Introduction
03:18 – Photogrammerty made easy
______2. Introducing SynthEyes
12:25 – importing & basic footage settings
15:47 – image preperation
19:44 – SynthEyes Preferences
21:10 – coustomize the User Interface
______3. Tracking
25:00 – Auto Mode
29:12 – discovering features and trackers
38:35 – SynthEyes supervised tracking
58:14 – first solve & lens distortion optimization
______4. going advanced – auto tracker & constraining
1:09:37 – constraining and survery data
1:17:45 – solvehints & locks
1:19:18 – add automatic trackers
______5. going advanced – cleanup and optimization
1:29:39 – using & setting weights
1:34:27 – combine broken cams
1:38:18 – add many trackers
1:47:45 – auto-cleanup
1:58:05 – hold-regions
2:05:20 – spinal editing & path manipulation
______6. Output & Visualization
2:12:26 – image stabilization – basics
2:26:08 – image output
2:28:46 – perspective & testobjects
2:34:20 – prepare for export and remodellation
2:41:40 – edning the tutorial


Notice that in these tutorials I am working on a TUTORIAL BASE LEVEL, means while recording I WILL NOT GO FOR THE PERFECT RESULTS as I would when doing this for production.

Don’t judge my bad english, I am german and this is my first time recording a ~150 minutes LIVE tutorial.

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