Color Correction Tutorial After Effects

An in-depth tutorial on color correction using Curves inside of After Effects and Photoshop. This method explains how to color correct most any footage "by the numbers".

Mocha Pro Webinar Replay: Object Removal Made Simple

In this webinar, product specialist, Mary Poplin show how to remove objects from moving video shots using the Mocha Pro plug-in inside of Adobe After Effects.

Easily Script a Color Picker Effect in After Effects

How To Create a Color Picker Effects in After Effects

Silly Robots

Silly Robots, our first studio project, started off as a joke and quickly became a passion project that grew into 50 looping gifs that we shared across our different social media channels daily. See all of them here: Directed by YLLW Illustration • Chris Lloyd Animation • Chris Lloyd Sound Design • Sono Sanctus […]

Have a Look at This New 1-Click Export Between C4D & Ae

AEC4D optimizes the workflow between Cinema4D and After Effects, whether you are a Motion Designer or Post Production Artist. Main Features: – 1-Click-Export from C4D to AFX – No need to bake your Objects first (Just make sure to check “Evaluate Caches”.) – Instant access to position data of camera, lights and other objects – […]

Add Soft Shadows to You Ae Characters With This Free Preset

Download animation preset for AE: Lighting system I did for pre-production on the animated series “True Tail”, works as both shadow and rim-light. We found that the soft shadow look didn’t work for the vector style of True Tail, so it ended up never being used. This also means that the animation preset has […]

Don’t Forget About “More Accurate” EPS Options in After Effects

Have you ever had a .eps or Adobe Illustrator file flicker when you render it? It’s super annoying and frustrating! Thankfully there is a quick fix hidden deep in the After Effects menus (like all good fixes). I hope this helps save you some frustration at some point. Cheers! For more free training and over […]

Pasting Issues with the Mocha Pro Plugin and Ae? Here is a Quick Fix

In this (very) short video, Product Manager Martin Brennand shows you how to work around a clipboard limitation in Adobe After Effects CC when using the new mocha Pro 5 Plug-in. After copying your tracking data to the clipboard, simply ALT + TAB (Windows) or CMD + TAB (Mac) to refresh the clipboard so you […]

Composite Nice and Realistic Glows by Using an AO Pass

In this short Cinema 4D and AE tutorial I’ll show you a way to set up your renders so you can composite in really nice and realistic glows by using the Ambient Occlusion pass in a way you wouldn’t normally think of. Hope it’s helpful! The text is from our Trailer Text Pack you can […]

Mastering True 3D Type With After Effects, C4D Lite

In this extensive tutorial we will walk you through the entire process of extruding, texturing, lighting, adding reflections and animating 3d text with Cinema 4D Lite. Lots of people don’t realize that Cinema 4D Lite is included in Adobe After Effects and if you are not taking advantage of this amazing feature, then grab some […]

Creating a Parallax Effect With After Effects

Today we’ll be using Adobe After Effects to create a short 2D/3D Parallax animation. You’ll learn some useful techniques. Follow for unique tutorials coming soon! I’m happy to help if you’ve got questions. the idea behind this tutorial came from an awesome work by Very True Story studio DOWNLOAD FREE PROJECT FILES: —————————————-­————— […]

An Easier & Cleaner Method for Long Shadows in Ae

In this After Effects tutorial, we show you a new technique for creating long shadows in After Effects. There are other ways to do this, but many of them are very complicated and require multiple layers and compositions. Our way of doing it is easier, all on a single layer, and the results are cleaner. […]

Using Mocha for Performance Replacement

Using After Effects and mocha AE, Product Manager Martin Brennand shows you how to track and replace an actor’s eyes when they accidentally look at the camera. Using similar techniques you can quickly track, mask and replace performances, either to fix mistakes or to get creative with your shots. This tutorial applies to both mocha […]

Get Started Using RubberHose for After Effects

Get started RubberHose with a crash course in the basic functionality. RubberHose is the first animation rigging tool for After Effects base entirely on shape layers. Take a break from IK and try RubberHose. Available now at 00:00 – Installation, functionality 00:52 – Hose settings / Hose length 01:31 – Hose settings / Bend […]

Expand Your Productivity By Running Multiple Copies of After Effects

Here’s a quick productivity tip for Adobe After Effects. For more training and free stuff go to

How to Rig Ropes and Cables for Easy Animation in After Effects

Using the bone and controller features of the Duik script, I’m able to create a organic moving cable that is easy to animate. This tutorial covers workflow, setup, and animation that can apply to many different scenarios involving, string, rope or cables. Project File and more tutorials on my website: ‎ Download the Duik […]

Joren Kandel Shares a Great Tip for Creating Rows of LED Lights in C4D

Here’s a quick tutorial on a technique I’ve been using lately. It’s a way to create quick LED lights in C4D. It’s based on the material luminance multipass and compositing in Adobe After Effects. If you make anything cool with this technique or if you have a better way to make LED’s let me know! […]

Creating a Headless Horseman Effect With Mocha and After Effects

Need inspiration for our Halloween Contest? In this advanced and fast-paced tutorial, Imagineer Systems product specialist, Mary Poplin, shows you how to design, shoot and composite a head replacement shot. You should be familiar with Adobe After Effects and mocha’s planar tracking tools to follow along. Happy Halloween to all you mocha Pros out there […]

Have Cineware in After Effects Show Physical Render settings from Cinema 4D

If you are having a hard time getting Physical Render settings to show up in After Effects using the Cineware plugin, this tutorial will get you up and running. NOTE: If you only have C4d Lite that comes with After Effects CC and up, this will not work for you because c4d Lite version that […]

Quickly Matching BackPlate Colors in After Effects

Just a quick tip on how to match color/atmosphere of any footage/render/image to your backplate. Credit to my motion graphics teacher Filip Joos @ Devine for showing me this tip a few years ago!