The Boxer – Zbrush / Marvelous / Substance / Octane

Anatomy study based on concept by the great Kris Costa

ZBRUSH Anatomy Reference Tips

Learning accurate human anatomy takes time and effort and theres no quick way to do it. There are loads of reference books available and most of us start to learn anatomy in this way. These days we have the benefit of mobile devices and this little video talked through two apps that I use all […]

Sculpting an Elephant in ZBrush, With Isaac Oster

In this six part tutorial series, I break down the process for modeling an elephant in Zbrush. This tutorial is intended for artists new to Zbrush and interested in learning more about organic modeling techniques. Reference images, alphas, and brushes used in this project are available at

Sculpting a Closed Hand in ZBrush

In this three part tutorial series, I build a fist in Zbrush. These videos are intended for artists new to Zbrush who are interested in developing their approach to sculpting organic forms. To make sure this is as useful as possible, I stick to a handful of basic brushes. One of these is the Flatten […]