How to Animate a Character Turn

Tutorials and Animation Lessons

Creating Colorful Tendrils in Cinema 4D

In this tutorial we use a procedural technique to model and animate colorful tendrils in Cinema 4D

Flat Surface Extrusion in Octane for Cinema 4D

In this tutorial we will learn Flat surface extrusion in C4D

A Redesigned Blue Pencil 2 is Built Around VP2

Blue Pencil 2 is a robust and comprehensive Maya plug-in for 2D drawing, animation and review. Providing a wide selection of drawing tools, layers, transformations, retiming, simplified sharing and more, Blue Pencil 2 is a powerful addition to the animator’s toolkit. For more details visit — Stewie character courtesy of (

Create Vertex Color Based Displacements in Maya Using iDeform

Shows a new iDeform feature in version 1.3 where the vertex colors produced by the iCollide deformer can be used as a masking effect for mesh displacement created by the iDisplace deformer.

Offsetting Animation With Clones & The Shader Effector

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to build a card house that flips on. The concept is offsetting your animation by using a combination of cloner and a shader effector or plain effector. The result is a very quick set up which is easy to dial in and yet looks very complex. Hope you […]

Animating for Video Games: The Light and Heavy Attack

Ever wanted to learn how to animate for video games? In this final part I talk about the role of light and heavy attacks in a game, and character gets her very own set of attacks, including a 2 hit combo and a heavy drop kick. With a basic animation set complete this ends the […]

Animating For Video Games, Creating a Jump Animation

Ever wanted to learn how to animate for video games? In this video our game character gets her very own jumping animations… both from standing and while moving. I also talk about different considerations that might need to be made, depending on the many different ways jumping can feature in your game. Enjoy! Any questions […]

Animating a Walk and Run Cycle for Video Games

Ever wanted to learn how to animate for video games? In this video I explain a little bit about pre-vis, how it fits into the development process and how it can help when the time comes to create in-game animations. I also go through how to create the run and walk cycles for our new […]

Animating Characters for Video Games

Ever wanted to learn how to animate for video games? In this video I create a persona for the new character, including how her general attitude and behaviour might be, how she carries herself etc. Based on that, I go through the process of creating an idle pose and explain what makes a good one. […]

Blender Tips for Skinning Rigging and Animation to Prepare Models for Use In Game Engines

In this video I share several random tips about animation, skinning, and rigging that I have picked up over the years of animation and getting objects ready for use in video games. Also please visit the link below and vote for us:

Modeling Tank Tracks In Blender 3D

In this tutorial by Greg Zaal you will learn how to create animatable tank tracks with simple modifiers. For more tutorials, visit