Autodesk 2018 Games Showreel

Thank you to all our customers, all over the world for a great year of games. Games studios big and small use Autodesk 3D tools like 3ds Max, Maya, MotionBuilder, and Mudbox to bring us amazing games.

Autodesk Official Show Reel 2018

Annual showcase of Autodesk and customer work. As a global leader in 3D design, building, engineering and entertainment software, we give you the power to Make Anything.

Tutorial 02 – Proper 3D Scan (Retopo & UVs) C4d / Zbrush

In this tutorial I will share some tips to 3D Scan a shoe with Autodesk Remake, then we will retopo with Zbrush were we will also make the UVs, then we will project the high poly data and UV to the retopo version with xNormals.

Maya – Create Curtains with nCloth

Learn how to quickly setup a realistic curtain using Maya's nCloth dynamics.

Redshift 2 Maya Trace Sets & Object Visibility

This tutorial covers trace sets, a great feature for controlling what an object is reflecting/refracting on a per object level with fine control over what gets reflected or refracted. This feature exists in all the other applications now but was recently added to Maya.

Rigging Waves Tutorial In 3DS Max

A quick tutorial on how to rig a wave in 3DS Max using morphers and the reaction manager.

New Onion Skin Tool for Maya Works as a Viewport Extension

This video is an introduction to the Onion Skin Renderer Skript I wrote. You can download it from my Github: or if you really like it consider buying it from gumroad for a few bucks Feel free to leave comments if you have questions 🙂

How to Retarget Animation With Maya’s HIK

This week on Journey to VR, Daryl presents part one of a two-part tutorial on how to get mocap data onto a character using Maya’s powerful retargeting system. Along the way, he shows how to work around common re-targeting issues with the help of HIK. Follow Journey to VR on AREA and subscribe to keep […]

How to hide un-necessary joints while Painting Weights in Maya

Alumni Bogdan Diaconu scripted this also. import maya.cmds as cmds allJoints = set( = ‘joint’)) bindJoint = set(‘*bnd*’)) nonBindJoints = list(allJoints – bindJoint) for jnt in nonBindJoints: cmds.setAttr(jnt + ‘.drawStyle’,2)

An Underused Maya Skinning Tool That You Should be Using

A little known tool that you should be using to make skinning easier and allow for added control in a pinch. TDs can use it to speed up skinning by copying good weighting to new joints for twist, like shoulders to a few new twist joints in the upper arm for example. Mesh and Rig […]

Autodesk Announces a Fresh Maya 2018 Ahead of Siggraph

Check out the Animation workflow in Maya 2018, we used the animation toolset and shape authoring workflow in Maya to create a character for our internal project Wall of Death. Using both new and recent features such as parallel rig evaluation, pose editor, time editor, and the updated graph editor, bringing characters to life in […]

Carving Out a Car Rim With Hard Mesh in Maya

Pux’s Hard Mesh plugin for Maya offers fast hard surface modeling working with booleans in a super-flexible way. With it, you can easily combine objects or choose between various boolean-type of operations. This lets you easily create complex models using Hard Mesh to crave out, add or intersect with other geometry in your scene. Impressively, […]

Just Starting With Maya? Here Are 8 Useful Tips

► SEE THE FULL TUTORIAL HERE: you will also see the full written breakdown plus a few bonus tips and information ! PLEASE SHARE the full article from that link. Are you new to using Autodesk Maya for?, trying to learn 3D modelling and animation, check out my new quickfire reference tutorial. A set […]

Color Marker Adds the Ability to Randomize Wireframe Color

Download link > Color Marker is a small Outliner management script for Autodesk Maya that will allow you to add some colors in Outliner and Viewport(object(mesh) wireframes, locators, curves, deformers, joints, emitters…) making it way easier to see and arrange stuff if you are dealing with the heavy scene. A lot of people complained […]

A Free, Faster, More Interactive Wedge Tool for Maya

Download on Gumroad > Free script for Autodesk Maya which builds upon Maya Wedge Tool and makes it more interactive and useful in everyday modeling. All additional info about the tool and supported Maya versions you can find in the description on Gumroad (link above)

Working With the Redshift Round Corners Utility

In this quick tutorial I will be covering the Redshift Round Corners Utility node for creating render time beveling effects without actually beveling the geometry. This is useful for creating small bevels on your objects without actually having to build the bevels manually. I also touch on the Bump blender node used to blend between […]

How To Render 360 Video With Arnold

Daryl shows us how to render VR images using Arnold 5. He highlights improvements like the new VR Camera, ai Standard Surface shader, improved Mesh Light sampling, and speed! Check out the final 360 render on your mobile, with the YouTube app: Visit the Journey to VR blog for more demos, interviews with industry […]

Easy Set Dressing With the Placer Node and Arnold Stand-Ins

Autodesk release MASH in Maya 2017 Update 3. With this update comes the MASH World and Placer nodes. The placer node is basicly the ultimate set dressing tool for environment artist. I try to demo some features in this video below. Some shortcut to explain what I was doing : Holding M key for drag […]

Free Motion Chain Script Offers Easy Motion Paths in Maya

Motion Chain is a Curve path tool that will create multiple motion path nodes at once. The tool automates set driven key connections and additionally fixes the cycle check error that occurs with the default motion path tool. Motion Chain is written in Python for Maya and will aid you with many tasks including my […]