Color Correction Tutorial After Effects

An in-depth tutorial on color correction using Curves inside of After Effects and Photoshop. This method explains how to color correct most any footage "by the numbers".

Create Great Looking Type With Ae’s Environment Layers

In this easy to follow tutorial we show you how to work with 3D text animations inside After Effects using the new Cinema 4D renderer for your 3D compositions. We will use standard animators to do per character 3D animations. We will also talk about environment layers and how they make a huge difference when […]

Expand Your Productivity By Running Multiple Copies of After Effects

Here’s a quick productivity tip for Adobe After Effects. For more training and free stuff go to

Easily Build an Animated Cartoon Line Effect in Ae

This tutorial talks about a way that a recently came up with to make a hand written effect to anything in After Effects without any plugins. You will learn to use the turbulant displace effect , stroke and a little help from posterize time you can see more stuff like this on Like us […]