Chiara Porri – Animation Reel 2015

My animation reel with some of my shots from 2012 / 2015! Music: Chemical Brothers-Escape 700 Reel Breakdown: Shot 01: “Animation test”, 2015 personal work with the Mery Project Rig Time Taken: 4 days Shot 02: “Dog Run Cycle”, 2015 personal work with Dog Rig by Ram Krish Time Taken: 1 day Shot 03: […]

How to Animate a Character Turn

Tutorials and Animation Lessons

Zbrush – Quick sketch

Long time no sculpt, getting back to Zbrush fun!

Houdini Procedural Bots

Some procedural characters done with Houdini, you put a shape, press play and you get different results.

The Boxer – Zbrush / Marvelous / Substance / Octane

Anatomy study based on concept by the great Kris Costa

Pan Samgukji Mobile Game trailer

Pan Samgukji Mobile Game trailer

Fiber Mesh to 3Ds Max

We Learn How to  Z-Bursh model Fiber mesh to 3ds max.

The Ventriloquist

The Ventriloquist. A tale of jealousy, heartache and wooden acting. A new film we’ve just finished and are excitedly letting loose on the world. Tell us what you think! Director and Producer: Stefan Wernik Writer: Jason J. Cohn Animator,Compositing and Rigger: Arthur Collie Designer: Alexander Watson Backgrounds and additional design: Deanna Hewitt Character modelling: […]

Roof Studio’s Imaginary Friend Society “What is an MRI?”

Roger and Charlie know MRIs inside and out. Here, these imaginary friends explain what to expect from an MRI scan and offer some awesome tips to avoid getting bored in the process. For more, go to:

Just the Facts: Working With DUIK’s AutoRigger

Welcome to Just The Facts. Below you’ll see all the steps laid out in bullet points, with timecode links to skip through to the important bits. Enjoy! Rigging a puppet in After Effects using the DuIK Auto-Rigger 1) Import 0:45 – Import your character – Retain layer sizes 2) Rename your joints 0:56 – Select […]

Silly Robots

Silly Robots, our first studio project, started off as a joke and quickly became a passion project that grew into 50 looping gifs that we shared across our different social media channels daily. See all of them here: Directed by YLLW Illustration • Chris Lloyd Animation • Chris Lloyd Sound Design • Sono Sanctus […]
Blirp Studio’s “Gummy Gas Crisis”

Blirp Studio’s “Gummy Gas Crisis”

Gummy Gas Crisis tells the story of a space gasman, Ed, who must overcome various obstacles in order to save his hometown. In this adventure, the mayor of the city asks Ed to fix a gas leak caused by an enemy. The enemy, a virus called Lord Gasideous, wants to dominate everyone by spreading his […]

New Shapes Update Features Additions and Maya 2018 Compatibility

Quick overview of the new features and improvements of SHAPES 4.4. Try or buy SHAPES here: ___________________________________________________________________________ List of changes for SHAPES 4.4: New – channel action to remove the target deltas for the entire mesh or selected components only – weight and region maps can now be stored in an optional JSON file […]

4 Brothers

“Unos elementos singulares, fueron creados como tales. Cuatro hermanos espaciales, que en nada salieron iguales.” — “Some unique elements were as such created. Four space siblings, that were in no way related.” Client: EXPERIMENTAL WORK Production, and Design: BUDA Art Director: Dalmiro Buigues Animation Director: Martin Dasnoy Audio: Matias Bazzetti

Getting Started With bhGhost Onion Skinning for Maya

Over the last few years I’ve added several new features to my bhGhost tool – this video gives a quick overview of all current features and is intended as a quick start for anyone using it for the first time or anyone who has been using it for a while and wants to catch up […]

An Alternative Way to Animate a FootRoll

A look at how the FootRoll attribute on IK leg controls can sometimes trip us up when animating walks and runs.. and an alternative approach which can give cleaner results in some cases. I also demonstrate how I like to clean things up to remove the dreaded knee pop.

A Great Explanation Covering SkinCluster Basics in Maya

In this small clip I cover the basics (with a heavy Spanish accent!) on how the SkinCluster deformer works.

Understanding How to Rig With Rivets in Maya

This video covers how you can use rivets to enhance your rigs and pin objects to a rigged, deforming mesh. Download the script here:

15 of the Best tools for Maya Animators

Here’s a video showing the new features I’ve added to my bhGhost tool (original short video here and showing some typical workflows and uses of it. UPDATE December 2012 – I’ve added a new feature to make this much faster to set up for multiple characters, check that out here – The script […]

Corrective Blend Shapes By Extracting Deltas in Maya

Video covering my workflow for corrective blendshapes using BSpiritCorrectiveShape. In order to enter your pivot axis orientation tool, simply press “D” or “Insert” on your keyboard! Script can be found here: