Daily Experiments – C4D / Octane / Houdini

Some daily explorations, C4D / Octane / Houdini

Houdini Procedural Bots

Some procedural characters done with Houdini, you put a shape, press play and you get different results.

Houdini Tutorial 04 . Worms

Hey guys, here's another quick tutorial to create a pile of worms inside Houdini, rendered with Octane, hope you like it.

Piece of Landscape (Cinema 4D Tutorial)

Landscape Cross Section With Cinema 4D

Redshift Volumetric Lights Cinema 4D Tutorial

I´m talking about Volumetric Lights, Sub-Surface Material and Render Settings. There are already some tutorials on this topic. Nevertheless, this can be useful,too. The information is more for users who already have experience in Redshift than for beginners. Hope you like it anyway. Example:https://vimeo.com/264227961

C4D Tutorial: Setting Up Spline Dynamics

Just a little beginners tutorial on how to set up spline dynamics in Cinema 4D so you can have cables, ropes etc. that are dynamic.

Making of Membrane part 1 reference and istances

Part 1 of the making of the membrane image poster

Piece of Landscape In Cinema 4D Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will learn how to make a Piece of Landscape in Cinema 4D.

QuickTip 01 – Face Exploration

Hey everyone =) Here is a quicktip on how to achieve the look of a styleframe I did for a project entitled “Face Exploration” (http://nidiadias.com/portfolio/work/face-exploration/) Dual Graph: DualGraph –Cinema4D plugin Music: Rhodesia by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://www.twinmusicom.org/

SEAH Promotion Movie

CLIENT – SEAH Group AGENCY – AIXLAB ROLE – Lead 3D Graphic part LAUNCH – 2017.1

Projecting Animated Textures With Octane in C4D

In this tutorial we learn how to project video footage & animated textures onto an object using octane render. We start by importing our video image sequence into a shader then learn how to use a camera to project that sequence onto an object. A quick and easy tutorial on projecting your animated textures onto […]

Use the C4D Render Region to Save Time When Versioning

In this tutorial I’ll show you a little interactive render region hack in Cinema 4D to save you a ton of time when rendering. Kind of a cool little technique I discovered! Hope it helps you out. For 150+ free models and a ton of great tips/training, head to www.thepixellab.net

Create Realistic Painted Wood With Arnold in C4D

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a realistic Painted Wood shader in Arnold for Cinema 4d. To follow this tutorial, you need to have a solid foundation in Arnold for Cinema 4d, so please take a look at our “The Ultimate Introduction to Arnold 5 for Cinema 4d” Download Project Files Pre-Requisits: Tutorial […]

The Secret

THE SECRET „It is the best to magnify the riddle.“ Harry Mulisch The Secret is a free project our artist Leo Dziallas created by merging some of his weirdest ideas into a wondrous animated painting. A film by Leo Dziallas Produced by büro bewegt buerobewegt.com More details on Behance: https://www.behance.net/gallery/56145197/THE-SECRET

Tips for Working With Octane’s Mix Material

Found some time to record a few mix shader methods i use in Octane/Cinema 4D. Not a tutorial guy for sure, but wanted to share a few things i have learned the last year about shading in Octane. Would love to hear any kind of comments 3D Scan Objects: https://www.yobi3d.com/ Brograph Plugin: http://brograph.com/plugins/ Displacement Map: […]

A How To Guide for Unwrapping UVs With C4D

Again, I try my very best to explain some uv related things in Cinema4D. Sorry for the changing audio quality. I should have known better and not move away from the mic.
“P.U.P.A. | THE LARVAL FORM” from Miki Nemcek

“P.U.P.A. | THE LARVAL FORM” from Miki Nemcek

The pupa is a short exploration of the colors and shapes inspired by a macro nature. The stage when larva transforms into a butterfly is a biological term. It’s called Pupa. I decided to dive into an endless variety of abstract compositions, forms, and atmospheres. This short film is a result of a hard work […]

Want a UV-less Workflow in C4D? Try Triplanar Mapping

I needed a simple way to map a bunch of objects seamlessly without UV-unwrapping and came up with this hack. Everything is done in one texture so you can easily assign it to multiple objects in one go and save it as a preset. Would be great to have natively in C4D so share it […]

Life without Stuff

In a world where seemingly mundane objects mysteriously vanish without warning, Life Without Stuff highlights (with astonishing scientific accuracy) what life would be like without stuff. Animation: Garth Lee SFX: Garth Lee

Marka Park

Behance Showcase – https://www.behance.net/gallery/53526569/Marka-Park Production – Digital Panorama Producer – Bülent Pulur 3D Supervisor – Emre Gören 3D Artist – Selim Arı 3D Modeling – Teberdar Gürbey, Arın Arıcı Sound Mix – Imaj Post Production