Dakar 18

Bigmoon Entertainment’s ‘Dakar 18’ marks an important milestone for our studio as it’s our first game cinematic to be made within UE4. We’re proud to share our thrilling and breathtakingly realistic portrayal of the legendary Dakar Rally. The trailer was wholly made in the UE4 engine, except for the sand and dust VFX that were […]

Destiny: Mars Opening Cinematic

Directors Ilya V. Abulkhanov & Simon Clowes collaborate with Bungie to design and direct the opening cinematic to their new video game franchise Destiny. Set in present day Mars, the story narrates the first encounter, the discovery of an unidentified spherical object – The Traveler. www.simonclowes.tv www.helloilya.com www.destinythegame.com Design and Production Company: Prologue Films Directors: […]

Game cinematic effect

game cinematic effect smoke & fire & flame & dust fumefx, phoenixfd, maya RAVEN Nantoo Lost Kingdom HYPERUNIVERSE, SPECIALFORCE enjoy!

Earthrise cinematic

We would like to share with you our lastest work, a cinematic trailer for the upcoming MMO game Earthrise.

The Cinematic Game

This video is my way of showing my appreciation for the imagination and artistry that is throughout the gaming industry. This is a tribute to the cinematic game.

Jabberwocky – Game Cinematic (unreleased)

Blur Studio's Cinematic for an unreleased game, based on Lewis Carroll's original poem and with design by Todd Harris. I worked as Animation Supervisor, Layout artist and animated a couple of shots to shake off the rust a little bit.

Atari ASTEROIDS Game Trailer

All pyrotechnical effects: explosions, smokes, fire

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Cinematic

Tensions between the Alliance and Horde have erupted, and a new age of war has begun. For more info on the game, or to opt in to the beta, head to http://worldofwarcraft.com

Not Normal

In a time of anarchy and forgotten morals, one man obsesses over the way to fix it. WATCH THE BEHIND THE SCENES: https://vimeo.com/222233210 Written & Directed by: Matt MacDonald – [www.matt-macdonald.com] Original Music by: Simon Stevens – [www.simon-stevens.com] Sound Mix by: Eric Marks – [www.transportedaudio.com] Editing / VFX / Sound Design by: Matt MacDonald – […]

Valley of the Kith

www.jumbla.com — ‘Valley of the Kith’ is a passion project created using primarily using Adobe products. The intriguing, high-adrenaline video-game-style piece extends the capabilities of animation by pushing the boundaries of Element 3D, while capitalising on the available resources of After Effects and other Adobe products. With the bulk of the work completed by one […]

Creating Cinematic Fractals Using Mandelbulb3D and After Effects

Some theory, some Mandelbulb3D, some After Effects. ca. 55 minutes. by Julius Horsthuis

Effectively Forming a Logo or Text from Animated Tentacles in Cinema 4D

In this cinema 4d tutorial you’ll learn how to extrude hundreds of tentacles from a text or a logo… download project on http://www.renderking.it