Color Correction Tutorial After Effects

An in-depth tutorial on color correction using Curves inside of After Effects and Photoshop. This method explains how to color correct most any footage "by the numbers".

Advanced Color Correction Tips for Nuke

this tutorial is mainly about adjusting luma values to match a plate and about correcting super brights. it would be very nice if you could leave a comment if tips n tricks like these are comming handy or if this is to complicated to use. if you have things, you would like to see, in […]

Creating a Light Leaks Effect in After Effects

Here I show you how to achieve fake light leaks inside of After Effects. Please like and subscribe! Unmult Plug-in : Twitter – @BTJCreative Email – [email protected] Blog – website – Sorry if the quality is bad. Im working on getting better! Also I know I said 2080 instead of 1280…my bad.