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game cinematic effect smoke & fire & flame & dust fumefx, phoenixfd, maya RAVEN Nantoo Lost Kingdom HYPERUNIVERSE, SPECIALFORCE enjoy!

Houdini Tutorial 01: Liquid Lines

how to achieve this liquid effect that I shared some months ago so I decided to make a tutorial.

Houdini Tutorial 03 . Volume Abstracts

Hey guys, here's a quick walkthrough of an RD I did some months ago. Hope you like it.

Filling Volume in Houdini For Some Nice Abstract Images

Hey guys, here’s a quick walkthrough of a RD I did some months ago. Hope you like it. Sorry about the mic noise. You can download the hip file on the tutorials section of my website: Follow me on instagram for updates: @caskalll

Give Clouds the Painterly Look in Cinema 4D

By popular demand, here’s a quick and dirty video guide for recreating this: To get the optimal effect, use an actual painted texture in the alpha. Also, the number and size of the planes has a big influence on the look. This is just showing the basic steps because I got a lot of […]

Draw Your Model in Fluid Contour Lines With Houdini

Hello guys, I’ve been asked about how to achieve this liquid effect that I shared some months ago so I decided to make a tutorial, sorry for the breath noise on the mic. Scene file: Songs: Ours Samplus – Over / Sixfingerz – The Devil man For future tutorials you can check Cheers!

Posterize Mattes in Ae for Easy Time Displacement Effect

This quick After Effects tutorial shows a useful way to make time displacement maps for shapes and other objects using gradients with the posterize effect. Patreon

Animating a Simple Wave Effect in After Effects

If you’ve ever wanted to make a simple liquid-filling-something effect this quick and easy tutorial is for you. You might not believe how simple it is. It’s not Realflow, but it is RealEasy. Also, if you’re nerdy like me, you’re probably wondering why I always start my shapes by double clicking the tool. It’s the […]

Create a Great Transform Effect in C4D With Effectors

In this Tutorial i show you how to use a few MoGraph Effectors to create a transformer reveal effect. Featuring: Plain Effector, Random Effector, Explosion FX, Fracture Object If you´re not familiar with Effectors you can also watch: Hope it´s useful! Please share! Join my Tutorial Group: 2016 by

Save Render Time By Limiting Ambient Occlusion in C4D

In this quick Cinema4D tip I’ll show you how to get more control over your Ambient Occlusion so you can save render times and dial in your shadows easily. Check out the model used in this tutorial here: For more free models and training go to

Side FX Houdini, Break Apart An Object Based on a Modifier’s Position

Since Autodesk decided to discontinue Softimage without offering a suitable replacement (no, MCG does not change this because a new jacuzzi doesn’t turn a patched-up shack into a villa), I am in the process of transitioning to Houdini. In this video I recreate an effect I had previously explained how to do in ICE: […]

Creating Animated Slices in Cinema 4D

Cut / slice or displace – Whatever you wan’t to call it. Let’s cut stuff in Cinema 4d. In this tutorial, i am going to show you how to slice my logo. Also showing how to archive different effects with this setup. I always write this, but there is a lot of customization posibilites – […]

Create an Animated Fractal Effect in C4D

MY very good friend had a special question to me. He has asked if CINEMA 4D can generate a triangle fractal effect he found on Sure, CINEMA 4D can manage almost everything we can imagine and we will get more than a static picture. So, this tutorial will show you how to generate an […]

Creating Abstract Animated Shapes With Plexus in After Effects

This tutorial shows how to create an abstract shape animation in Adobe After Effects using the Plexus v2 plugin. Bend Shape OBJ Download: Template Download: Nexa Font: Plexus Plugin: Plexus Obj Exporter (is included in the plugin anyway): Content: – Creating an abstract shape in Cinema4D – OBJ Export – […]

Basic Tracking and Effects With the Ae 3D Camera Tracker

To find out more please visit In this After Effects Tutorial you will learn how to track a 3D motion with the built in After Effects Tracker “3D Camera” tracker. – how to track the motion – how to improve the track – how to solve and create a camera – how to position […]

QubaHQ’s Chromatic Aberration Rig for After Effects

QubaHQ Tutorials Season 02, Episode 01 Chromatic Aberration Rig Tutorial + Script In this tutorial I will discuss the optics of chromatic aberration and common ways of reproducing it in vfx. I will also introduce the brand new Chromatic Aberration Rig in form of an After Effects script that automates the creation of this effect […]

Creating Light Strokes in After Effects Using Standard Plugins

About: Creating a looping Light Strokes Effect with built-in Plugins in After Effects. It´s 2D only! Featuring: Vegas-Effect, Glow-Effect, Turbulent Displace Cool people use Tip Jar or Flattr to support things they like! Hope it´s useful! Please comment if you have any suggestion… Join my Tutorial Group: 2012 by