Game cinematic effect

game cinematic effect smoke & fire & flame & dust fumefx, phoenixfd, maya RAVEN Nantoo Lost Kingdom HYPERUNIVERSE, SPECIALFORCE enjoy!

Games Showreel 2018

Our 2018 games showreel features project collaborations with developers including Riot Games and Microsoft Studios. We specialise in creating in-game cinematics, video game trailers, character reveals, and login screen animations. We have contributed animation and motion graphics to noteworthy video games such as Forza Motorsport and League of Legends. The work of our 20 full-time […]

Earthrise cinematic

We would like to share with you our lastest work, a cinematic trailer for the upcoming MMO game Earthrise.

Pan Samgukji Mobile Game trailer

Pan Samgukji Mobile Game trailer

Jabberwocky – Game Cinematic (unreleased)

Blur Studio's Cinematic for an unreleased game, based on Lewis Carroll's original poem and with design by Todd Harris. I worked as Animation Supervisor, Layout artist and animated a couple of shots to shake off the rust a little bit.

Atari ASTEROIDS Game Trailer

All pyrotechnical effects: explosions, smokes, fire

Use VEX to Model With the Golden Ratio in Houdini

A tutorial on how to use VEX to generate a procedural model in Houdini. Final project file: Useful links: My info: [email protected]

Valley of the Kith — ‘Valley of the Kith’ is a passion project created using primarily using Adobe products. The intriguing, high-adrenaline video-game-style piece extends the capabilities of animation by pushing the boundaries of Element 3D, while capitalising on the available resources of After Effects and other Adobe products. With the bulk of the work completed by one […]

Blender Tips for Skinning Rigging and Animation to Prepare Models for Use In Game Engines

In this video I share several random tips about animation, skinning, and rigging that I have picked up over the years of animation and getting objects ready for use in video games. Also please visit the link below and vote for us: