Octane Light Studies In C4D

Practicing some octane lighting. - Model by the awesome Raoul Marks

Suraj Nayak – 3D Artist – Lighting Showreel 2018

3D Artist | Lighting Showreel 2018 | BY-Suraj Nayak

Simulating Physically Accurate Depth of Field in Nuke

Simulating Physically Accurate Depth of Field in Nuke

Jonathan Navarro / Lighting and Compositing showreel 2017

Some of my recent work as a Lighting and Compositing artist at Walt Disney Animation.If you are interest in my work feel free to send me an email : inr.gdl@gmail.com music:  by Joakim Karud Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathannavro IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm7527398/ Webpage: www.jnavro.com

Lighting and Baking Workflow: Blender Tutorial

Discover the complete workflow of setting up lighting in a nature scene. And then learn how to bake lighting for a blazing fast render (14 seconds per frame compared to 8 minutes!).

Model a Treehouse in Cinema 4D Tutorial

This Tutorial I will show you how to model a treehouse in Cinema 4D. I will go over modeling techniques and some lighting and rendering. BY:  Astronomic 3D Cinema 4D files: Model a Tree house in Cinema 4D

9 Lighting Tips In Cinema4D

It has been a while, so I tried making a shorter video with some lighting tips for cinema 4D to improve your workflow. Music: ALBIS – New Land

Tutorial Interior Night light

In this tutorial we will learn Interior Lighting setup In 3Ds Max.

3Ds MAX Tutorial – How to Render Realistic Scene

In this video process of how I render my interiors in 3ds max.

3Ds max Vray car rendering tutorial

In this tutorial we will learn V-Ray Lighting and Rendering of Car. Facebook: www.facebook.com/thePhotoBots Twitter: https://twitter.com/Roomiur  

Maya – Basic Character Lighting Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will discuss about basic character lighting with the help of Image Based Lighting technique

Add Soft Shadows to You Ae Characters With This Free Preset

Download animation preset for AE: http://dgruwier.dk/freebies/Dynamic_shadow.ffx Lighting system I did for pre-production on the animated series “True Tail”, works as both shadow and rim-light. We found that the soft shadow look didn’t work for the vector style of True Tail, so it ended up never being used. This also means that the animation preset has […]

How to Simulate Physically Accurate Depth of Field in Nuke

A discussion of lenses and optics, and how they affect depth of field behavior in an image. We talk about depth channels, what they are and how they work. How depth of field can be simulated in Nuke with the ZDefocus tool. We also demonstrate the OpticalZDefocus gizmo, which is a tool for generating physically […]

How to Modify Houdini’s Principled Shader to Detect Alphas

NOW IN GLORIOUS 4K Hey guys, So just a short one this time. Nothing too complicated, but something that caused me issues when I was trying to do something like this a while ago. I thought it was weird that the new principled shader didn’t have settings for alpha build in by default even though […]

Get Better Renders by Optimizing V-Ray for Interior Scenes

in this free VRAYforC4D tutorial we learn how to approach interior lighting and scene optimization in V-ray. visit our website for more free and premium tutorials. http://mographplus.com/

Get Less Grainy Ambient Occlusion Renders in C4D

Some quick tips when using Ambient Occlusion in Cinema 4D including dealing with grainy renders. Hope it helps! For more free tutorials and over 100 free C4D models just go to www.thepixellab.net

Create Your Own HDR Environments in C4D

You can check out StreetView4D for making 360 hdris from google streetview scenes here: http://bit.ly/29PlCtF In this great tutorial, Simon Spencer-Harvey, a co-conspirator with me at The Pixel Lab, shows you how to create your own HDRI for free in Cinema 4D. This is a great way to light a scene in a creative and […]

Save Render Time By Limiting Ambient Occlusion in C4D

In this quick Cinema4D tip I’ll show you how to get more control over your Ambient Occlusion so you can save render times and dial in your shadows easily. Check out the model used in this tutorial here: https://www.thepixellab.net/earth-and-globe-pack-50-c4d-models For more free models and training go to www.thepixellab.net

Quick Tip for Using a Reflection Bounce Card for Cinema 4D

In this tutorial I will show you how you can create a reflection on the screen of a device, like smartphone, tablet or tv screen

Use the Lighting Tool in Cinema 4D for Quick Lighting Setups

Light your way to success with the Cinema4D Lighting Tool. This tool is firmly placed at the front of my workflow now. Learn to light quickly and efficiently in this quick tutorial. Enjoy! For more free training and 100+ free models go to www.thepixellab.net