Houdini Tutorial 01: Liquid Lines

how to achieve this liquid effect that I shared some months ago so I decided to make a tutorial.

Zbrush quicktip – Extruded Meshes

In this video,Berd will show us all, how to use simple meshes and use zbrush to create interesting projected details.

Draw Your Model in Fluid Contour Lines With Houdini

Hello guys, I’ve been asked about how to achieve this liquid effect that I shared some months ago so I decided to make a tutorial, sorry for the breath noise on the mic. Scene file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0ZEnOQAJQzvbnQ2RkpiN3ZnZGc Songs: Ours Samplus – Over / Sixfingerz – The Devil man For future tutorials you can check www.caskaldesign.com Cheers!

A Quick Way to Extrude Mesh From Any Object in ZBrush

In this Zbrush’s tip I will show you an easy way to extrude a mesh from any 3D object. All you have to do is import your OBJ file in Zbrush, then subdivided (the amount of subdivision depends on each object) and go to “surface” > noise plugin and play with the different noises / […]

Rendering Cinema 4D Sketch and Toon as Illustrator Vectors

This tutorial covers the basics of bringing a 3D render from Cinema 4D to Illustrator via Sketch and Toon.

Working With the ThinkParticle Toolkit to Build Turbulent Strands in Cinema 4D

Vimeo isn’t taking our audio. We are currently working on fixing this. In this tutorial we use the TP Toolkit found at http://www.thinkparticle.com/shop to create some really cool dynamic strands. Save 15% on your cart on our blog with the discount code: strandstutorial This will be a fun video that takes just over half and […]

Easily Build an Animated Cartoon Line Effect in Ae

This tutorial talks about a way that a recently came up with to make a hand written effect to anything in After Effects without any plugins. You will learn to use the turbulant displace effect , stroke and a little help from posterize time you can see more stuff like this on moodig.com Like us […]

Creating Light Strokes in After Effects Using Standard Plugins

About: Creating a looping Light Strokes Effect with built-in Plugins in After Effects. It´s 2D only! Featuring: Vegas-Effect, Glow-Effect, Turbulent Displace Cool people use Tip Jar or Flattr to support things they like! Hope it´s useful! Please comment if you have any suggestion… Join my Tutorial Group: https://vimeo.com/groups/151068 2012 by www.equiloud.de