Maya For Beginners – Modeling a Cartoon House Tutorial – Introduction / Modeling Timelapse HD

Maya For Beginners - Modeling a Cartoon House Tutorial - Introduction / Modeling Timelapse

Annihilation | VFX Breakdown Reel

Union had to imagine how flowers might have mutated in the shimmer. The team created concept ideas using Photoshop to paint wide and close up stills from the shoot to determine the creative direction then, once approved, created a matte painting for the wide shots.

The Food Thief RIGG – Technical breakdown.

Mother of Rigging breakdowns. One of the most amazing character rigging breakdowns we have seen yet on the internet by Mindbender Animation Studio. The character named Thief, done in Maya and looks amazing.

Suraj Nayak – 3D Artist – Lighting Showreel 2018

3D Artist | Lighting Showreel 2018 | BY-Suraj Nayak

ATON 1.1 – New Features

Aton is Arnold Interface-compatible display driver and Nuke plug-in for direct rendering into the Nuke interface.

3D Artist Reel : Rich Pritch

BY : Rich Pritch A small collection of VFX work on feature films

Enhancing Quixel Wood with 3D Texture Projection in Maya

In this brief tutorial, I demonstrate a simple process for adding a wood ring pattern to an existing Quixel Suite project using 3D texture projection in Maya.

Maya 2017 for Motion Graphics

Take a brief tour of Maya 2017 for motion graphics. Building on previous releases that include a new 3D type tool, vector graphics import tool, and the MASH procedural animation toolkit, the latest release of Maya includes new features, a new MASH UI, and easier workflow to create stunning motion graphics. Go behind the scenes […]

Baking Ambient Occlusion in Maya

In this tutorial I show you how to bake ambient occlusion onto multiple objects in Maya at one time. This is really helpful to use as an additional overlay in your texture work to add depth.

Showreel: Örs Bárczy – Lookdev / Lighting / Compositing Artist

Örs Bárczy - Lookdev / Lighting / Compositing Artist

Female Walk Cycle – Workflow Tutorial

Maya Tutorial Female Walk Cycle

Maya – Create Curtains with nCloth

Learn how to quickly setup a realistic curtain using Maya's nCloth dynamics.

Redshift 2 Maya Trace Sets & Object Visibility

This tutorial covers trace sets, a great feature for controlling what an object is reflecting/refracting on a per object level with fine control over what gets reflected or refracted. This feature exists in all the other applications now but was recently added to Maya.

Creature Shading: Sub Surface Materials in Vray for Maya

In this tutorial we will learn how to set up a sub surface shading network in Vray for Maya using the Fast SSS material and a system of blends and coats.

Maya : bh_localNudge Run-through

I'm releasing my latest animation tool for Maya today, bh_localNudge. This video gives a run-through of one way I like to use it. I'm sure every animator that uses it will find their own way to incorporate it into their workflow though, this is just one example.

Render Passes and Compositing – Arnold AOVs and Aftereffects

In this tutorial, I quickly describe the concept of render passes (AOVs) and how to benefit from them in compositing stage.

Advanced Texturing: Creature Painting Teaser Trailer

We will cover various methods of blending our textures and using things like ambient occlusion, before diving into the many procedural textures and noises available in Mari.

Quick Tip: Animating a Tail with Offset

Quick Tip: Animating a Tail with Offset in Maya

Journey to VR: How to create a low-poly model

In this tutorial, we show how to create a low-poly model with clean topology from high-poly scanned data. It's easy when using Multicut and Quadra from Maya 2018’s Modeling Toolkit.