The Food Thief RIGG – Technical breakdown.

Mother of Rigging breakdowns. One of the most amazing character rigging breakdowns we have seen yet on the internet by Mindbender Animation Studio. The character named Thief, done in Maya and looks amazing.

Destiny: Mars Opening Cinematic

Directors Ilya V. Abulkhanov & Simon Clowes collaborate with Bungie to design and direct the opening cinematic to their new video game franchise Destiny. Set in present day Mars, the story narrates the first encounter, the discovery of an unidentified spherical object – The Traveler. Design and Production Company: Prologue Films Directors: […]

Baking Ambient Occlusion in Maya

In this tutorial I show you how to bake ambient occlusion onto multiple objects in Maya at one time. This is really helpful to use as an additional overlay in your texture work to add depth.

Maya 2017 for Motion Graphics

Take a brief tour of Maya 2017 for motion graphics. Building on previous releases that include a new 3D type tool, vector graphics import tool, and the MASH procedural animation toolkit, the latest release of Maya includes new features, a new MASH UI, and easier workflow to create stunning motion graphics. Go behind the scenes […]

Maya For Beginners – Modeling a Cartoon House Tutorial – Introduction / Modeling Timelapse HD

Maya For Beginners - Modeling a Cartoon House Tutorial - Introduction / Modeling Timelapse

Female Walk Cycle – Workflow Tutorial

Maya Tutorial Female Walk Cycle

ATON 1.1 – New Features

Aton is Arnold Interface-compatible display driver and Nuke plug-in for direct rendering into the Nuke interface.

How to Animate a Character Turn

Tutorials and Animation Lessons

Annihilation | VFX Breakdown Reel

Union had to imagine how flowers might have mutated in the shimmer. The team created concept ideas using Photoshop to paint wide and close up stills from the shoot to determine the creative direction then, once approved, created a matte painting for the wide shots.

Showreel: Örs Bárczy – Lookdev / Lighting / Compositing Artist

Örs Bárczy - Lookdev / Lighting / Compositing Artist

Enhancing Quixel Wood with 3D Texture Projection in Maya

In this brief tutorial, I demonstrate a simple process for adding a wood ring pattern to an existing Quixel Suite project using 3D texture projection in Maya.

3D Artist Reel : Rich Pritch

BY : Rich Pritch A small collection of VFX work on feature films

Game cinematic effect

game cinematic effect smoke & fire & flame & dust fumefx, phoenixfd, maya RAVEN Nantoo Lost Kingdom HYPERUNIVERSE, SPECIALFORCE enjoy!

Suraj Nayak – 3D Artist – Lighting Showreel 2018

3D Artist | Lighting Showreel 2018 | BY-Suraj Nayak

Use Python To Automate Camera Projection Setup in Maya

In this video we use python to automate the process of camera projection setup inside Maya. Creating the projections cameras, importing the images and setting the correct focal length. We take advantage of the PIL module to extract exif data from the images. This video is part of of our new course:

Understanding Set Driven Key in Maya

In YellowDog’s third 3D Tips video, Joe shows you the right way to use Maya’s Driven Keys.

Animating a School of Fish With the MASH Flight Node

How to use the Flight node in MASH to create a basic school of fish. Created using Maya 2017. MASH is now an Autodesk product and started shipping with Maya 2016 Extension 2.

Zurbrigg Updates Free Shot Mask for Viewport 2

Shot Mask VP2.0 is the spiritual successor to the original Shot Mask for Maya script. The VP2.0 shot mask uses a custom Maya node that leverages the VP2.0 drawing APIs and includes a powerful GUI interface, providing an interactive approach to creating masks. Download the script from:

Mainframe Details How MASH Was Used in Their Latest Short Film

BASH is a film produced by Mainframe to celebrate the release of the MASH Dynamics node in Maya 2018. How we did it – Maya 2018 scene files – Maya 2018 tutorials – Team Director/Producer – Chris Hardcastle. 3D Artists – Ben Black, Jack Brown, Matt Oxley, Alex Dorman. Developers – Ian […]