CG Artist Creates Non-Destructive Procedural Modeling Toolkit for Everyone

Product page:!vdbfusion/yj8w8 Get it here: or here: VDBfusion is a procedural modeling toolkit, kinda like Meshfusion for Modo. I always thought Meshfusion was a great concept, but it’s only available for Modo. That is why I decided to try to make my own version using a VDB workflow for Houdini Engine, and […]

Sculpting a “Dishonored” Style Portrait in ZBrush

In this video, we are going through how to sculpt a bust of a character which could fit into the Dishonored universe. We start off using Dynamesh which we use to play around with the design. The steps are: – Proportion – Bony landmarks – Fat and muscles – Weight of the skin – Smaller […]

A Master Class in Rock Sculpting, 3D Modeling in 3DCoat, ZBrush and Modo

hi everyone, this is Aaron from and I’m happy to show our first tutorial video. In the video we go over the full details of sculpting and texturing a rock formation. our workflow starts out sculpting in voxels using 3DCoat, then we move on to use Zbrush to complete the modeling and surfacing process […]

3 Techniques for Posing Characters in Zbrush

ZBrush offers you a few ways to pose your characters. In this tutorial we’re going to take a look at 3 of them. We’ll start of with the simplest method, just using the Transpose Lines. After that we’re looking at a kind of hidden feature to record actions and replay them to other subtools. In […]

Using Blender as a UV Tool for Maya

There are some really good UV solutions out there, but most of the time they are pretty expensive. This is where Blender comes in to play. The way Blender Unwraps is just amazing. I feel like it’s very comparable to UV Master in ZBrush, but with the added bonus that it also does hard surface […]

Introduction to Sculpting Hair in ZBrush

Sculpting hair has been a highly requested video, so finally we got around to it! This tutorial serves as an introduction to sculpting hair in ZBrush. We’re going through simplifying the shapes and getting an understanding of how to sculpt appealing hair. The base mesh is made using Mesh Extraction which is then turned into […]

Create a V-Ray Microscopic Shader in Maya

This time we’ll look at how you can create microscopic shaders. We’ll quickly check out the VRay Fresnel material, and then move on to the Sampler Info Node, which is the one we’ll be using. After rendering we’re going to take our image through Photoshop, and we’ll explore a few different techniques to spice up […]

Fundamental Modeling Techniques: Inserting and Combining Cylinders

In this series of videos, we’re checking out some very basic, yet powerful modelling techniques. While we’re using Maya, the principles can be applied in any other 3D application. Tools we’re using: Insert Edge Loop Multi-Cut Extrude Connect Boolean (Combine) Feel free to check out the rest of our tutorials at

Approaches for Sculpting and Design of a Dragon in Zbrush

In this tutorial we’re going to sculpt out very own dragon. We’ll take a look at a reference sheet containing our main inspiration (don’t be afraid to use reference!). From there we’re going to incorporate the features that we like the best, and of course add our own. This tutorial is very much a lesson […]

Exploring a Less Aggressive Smoothing in ZBrush

In this tutorial we’ll explore the hidden alternate smooth within ZBrush. This is useful for a number of things where standard smoothing is either too aggressive or produces unwanted results.

BackFace and PolyGroup Masking, ZBrush’s Hidden Gem

In this tutorial we are going to take a look at backface and polygroup masking. This allows you to sculpt on thin meshes without affecting the mesh behind, as well as restricting the affected area to just one polygroup. Feel free to check out our site for more tutorials

Sculpting a White Walker in ZBrush

In this tutorial we’re discussion the process involved with sculpting a white walker from Game of Thrones in ZBrush. Feel free to check out the rest of our tutorials over at

speeding up your zbrush workflow with Go Z

Tutorial: Speeding up your ZBrush Workflow with GoZ

painting a creature in zbrush 4.0

Hello again, I’ve slowly been trying to cover most major aspects of production within a pipeline. This time I wanted to cover character painting by hand using Polypaint in Zbrush. This is a 35 minute real time video where I talk you through my personal process for painting a creature inside of Zbrush. I hope […]