Nike – C4D / Octane / Houdini / Zbrush

Practicing some crystal and organic stuff.

Houdini Mushroom – R&D

Some further practice at modeling inside houdini. Hip file: Song: Shpongle – Tickling The Amygdala

Workflow Timelapse Zbrush/ Mixamo / Houdini / C4D / Marvelous / Octane.

Quick timelapse showing the workflow between Zbrush / Mixamo / Houdini / C4D / Marvelous / Octane.

Making Of – Maskman Zbrush

Timelapse of some stuff I did to practice some workflow.

SciFi – Making of

Timelapse of some hard surface modeling practice.

Houdini Tutorial 04 . Worms

Hey guys, here's another quick tutorial to create a pile of worms inside Houdini, rendered with Octane, hope you like it.

Maya 2017 for Motion Graphics

Take a brief tour of Maya 2017 for motion graphics. Building on previous releases that include a new 3D type tool, vector graphics import tool, and the MASH procedural animation toolkit, the latest release of Maya includes new features, a new MASH UI, and easier workflow to create stunning motion graphics. Go behind the scenes […]

Rig & Animate a Character in 2 Minutes – CINEMA 4D

A quick tutorial for someone who just want's to get that character rigged and animated as fast as possible using Mixamo in just 2 minutes

Cinema 4D- Cel Textured Look

Quick Tip C4D Cel Textured Look

C4D Tutorial: Setting Up Spline Dynamics

Just a little beginners tutorial on how to set up spline dynamics in Cinema 4D so you can have cables, ropes etc. that are dynamic.

Mitre Friction Commercial

Motion Design / 3D Animation / Post Production : RocknRoller Studios Director : Paul Clements 3D Modelling / Texturing: Joe Myers Audio : Combustion Created for Mitre Sports International / Pentland Brands Follow at : Website :    

The Mill Motion Design Reel

The Mill Motion Design Reel

Unfolding Effect C4D Tutorial

Learn about how to create a nice unfolding growth effect.

Motion Graphics Reel 2013

Motion Graphics Reel by Timur Frost Soundtrack – The Puppini Sisters “Good Morning”

Motion Graphics Reel 2009

Motion Graphics Reel by Timur Frost

C4D quicktip – Tracer Transitions

In this video, Amazing Artist Berd shows us how to use Tracer Object to create beautiful transition between two objects.

Squash & Stretch in After Effects Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Squash & Stretch for After Effects get the free version at Music by License this music:

How To Build a Procedural Truss Support System in Houdini

A beginner’s tutorial covering how to create a procedural truss support model in SideFX Houdini. Brought to you by Tobias Steiner, 3D Visual Effects Artist and owner of FrameHaus LLC in Las Vegas, NV.