Daily Experiments – C4D / Octane / Houdini

Some daily explorations, C4D / Octane / Houdini

Cinema 4D Tutorial – Essential Futuristic HUD Element Design & Animation Tips

A quick tips we will learn How to design and animate futuristic HUB.

Procedural Animation with CMotion

Learn how to add C-Motion to your workflow in this C4D tutorial!

Motion Design Reel

I finally finished my reel i tried to show various styles i can work with hope you enjoy!!!

The Mill Motion Design Reel

The Mill Motion Design Reel

Animated Short Films

Help build a big animation community! Join Animated Short Films on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/animatedshortfilms Compilation of the best animation short movies released this month by ASF. Subscribe for more! 🙂 Link for every short films showed here http://animatedshortfilms.net/index.php/release-date/may-2016/ ASF – Animated Short Films.net – 2D animations, 3D or stop motion. New and good animation short movies […]

Motion Graphics

The last couple of years as a Motion Designer, Editor and Shooter.

Motion Graphics Trend: Liquid Motion

Learn more: http://www.in60seconds.nl/2013/10/trend-in-motion-graphics-liquid-motion/ In motion graphics you can always spot trends (call it copycats or being inspired, whatever you prefer). After the popular geometric & circle animations, since a year there are more and more animations turning up in which organic shapes transform in a liquid way. Shapes are smeared and splash back together, often […]

How to Get Better Control Over Animated Noise Speed in C4D

Hi, is this a real tutorial? If you try to speed up or slow down the animation of a noise, you will find it behaving pretty odd. Here i show you a workaround with the help of the Fusion-Shader. I´m not shure if this is the best solution. If you have any ideas please share […]

Overlord Release Marks a New Era in After Effects

Available now at http://battleaxe.co/overlord Overlord is a set of two panels that, when both open, create a portal between Illustrator and After Effects. This mystical Stargate allows the transfer of shapes as you need them, while animating, without the need for file organization, importing, converting to shape layers or redrawing. This is the vector workflow […]

Geometry Tracking in PFTrack

The video provides an orientation of rigid and deformable geometry-based tracking in PFTrack.

The Isotope, from Craig Pinto

The Isotope is a personal project created to better understand motion, and 3d. No story, no concept, just building my craft and creativity from inspiration online and from other places. Software: Cinema 4D / X-Particles / Octane Render / After Effects / Premiere / Photoshop / Illustrator Music: Tycho – Continuum Béhance: https://www.behance.net/craigpinto Twitter: twitter.com/_craigpinto

Easily Create Customizable Neon Signs With This Free Xpresso Rig

Xpresso rig for Cinema4D and Octane Render. Easily generate and customize neon signs, with additional controls over animation presets, materials, emissive and mesh parameters. Download here: https://gum.co/EKLtR Track: #000000 Nn da Club · Suzi Analogue

Motion Corpse No. 22

We’re stoked to present this special round of Motion Corpse, hosting an amazing team of design, animation, and sound wizards! Allen Laseter 00:02 – 00:07 Brian Gossett / Louis Wesolowsky 00:07 – 00:12 David Stanfield 00:12 – 00:17 Emanuele Colombo 00:17 – 00:22 Jordan Scott 00:22 – 00:27 Sound and Music by: CypherAudio

Bloomberg BusinessWeek — Why Made in America is a Matter of National Security

Featuring Peter Coy Direction and Design by Sylvia Yang Animation by Andrew Embury, Ricardo Mendes, James Hazel, Daniel Elder Music by Andrew Hlynsky Read the full article here: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-06-15/is-american-national-security-at-risk-from-imported-military-gear

Is Motion Design for Masochists in the Long Run?

If you’re a professional, remember the bad times. If you’re a student, expect the worst. If you’re a client, go fuck yourself. My coup de grâce graduation film from Ravensbourne. Hopefully it’s not as painful to watch as it was to make. Written, directed and animated by Dev Sound design by Max Greening – maxgreening.com […]


get up, take a shower, go to work, work, be tired, eat, wait, enjoy, fornicate, sleep, wake up, repeat REPEAT is a way to live each day – a vision of the society routine. Each day is a loop without end on a straight line. What a great story ? Director / Motion designer : […]

IFCC 2017 Main Titles

Main Titles for the IFCC 2017 Concept Art Conference. An extremely ambitious project, only made possible by the collaboration between close friends, and the passion for what we do. The Film takes you on a metaphorical Journey towards self discovery. Process – https://vimeo.com/210234580 Full Project on Behance – https://www.behance.net/gallery/50748713/IFCC-2017-Main-Titles? Credits: Direction/Animation: Sava Živković ———————– https://www.behance.net/SavaZivkovic […]

How To Art Direct Point Cloud Motion Using Only VEX

This tutorial will cover how to create random motion on a point cloud for shots like flocking birds or planes using only VEX code on a single node in SideFX Houdini. Updated Code (03/09/2017): Here is the final VEX code. I tweaked a couple of things so that there are now UI controls created for […]

Smooth Out Those After Effects Keyframes

Hello! This easy tutorial will instantly help you make better animations inside of After Effects. You will learn a great technique to help you smooth keyframes for a more organic and natural motion to anything you animate. Free project included! You can download the project used here: https://motionarray.com/tutorials/smooth-keyframes-in-after-effects