Houdini Tutorial 01: Liquid Lines

how to achieve this liquid effect that I shared some months ago so I decided to make a tutorial.

Houdini Tutorial 03 . Volume Abstracts

Hey guys, here's a quick walkthrough of an RD I did some months ago. Hope you like it.

How to Get Better Control Over Animated Noise Speed in C4D

Hi, is this a real tutorial? If you try to speed up or slow down the animation of a noise, you will find it behaving pretty odd. Here i show you a workaround with the help of the Fusion-Shader. I´m not shure if this is the best solution. If you have any ideas please share […]

How to Use Houdini Noise Nodes Instead of Redshift Ones

Buy me a beer: https://timvanhelsdingen.com/donate Thought i’d record a quick video about my recent discovery that you are now able to use houdini noises inside of redshift. Pretty sweet! Source files: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8bT5KFJbL_iR3dvaGdwckVwR2c/view?usp=sharing

Filling Volume in Houdini For Some Nice Abstract Images

Hey guys, here’s a quick walkthrough of a RD I did some months ago. Hope you like it. Sorry about the mic noise. You can download the hip file on the tutorials section of my website: https://caskaldesign.com Follow me on instagram for updates: @caskalll

Stable Noise, From SoftImage to Houdini

This video gives an overview of the Stable Noise nodes which are provided in the first release of siLib (https://github.com/fxnut/siLib). siLib is a growing set of tools for Houdini that aim to introduce faster workflows to help FX artists. Stable Noise provides consistent amplitude across noise types and at all roughness/octave settings. It also gives […]

Bloomberg BusinessWeek — Why Made in America is a Matter of National Security

Featuring Peter Coy Direction and Design by Sylvia Yang Animation by Andrew Embury, Ricardo Mendes, James Hazel, Daniel Elder Music by Andrew Hlynsky Read the full article here: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-06-15/is-american-national-security-at-risk-from-imported-military-gear

Create a Realistic Sun and Flares With Houdini

A free, two parts, 90 minutes tutorial about how to build a realistic Sun in Houdini software. It covers topics like : vex coding, vector calculus, VDB volumes, particle simulation , magnetic fields and much more. I hope you’ll enjoy watching this as much as i enjoyed doing it. Thank You Bogdan Lazar VFX Artist

Draw Your Model in Fluid Contour Lines With Houdini

Hello guys, I’ve been asked about how to achieve this liquid effect that I shared some months ago so I decided to make a tutorial, sorry for the breath noise on the mic. Scene file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0ZEnOQAJQzvbnQ2RkpiN3ZnZGc Songs: Ours Samplus – Over / Sixfingerz – The Devil man For future tutorials you can check www.caskaldesign.com Cheers!

Make Displacement Visible in the Cinema 4D Viewport

Just a little tip for if you need to use displacement. Thanks for watching! For more tutorials and 100+ free models just head on over to www.thepixellab.net

Easily Create Abstract Radial Geometric Shapes in C4D

Here’s a tutorial on how to easily create pretty nifty looking radial geometric shapes with Cinema 4D, using an array and displacer object.

Rendering a Volume Procedural to Create a Nebula Effect in Houdini

This tutorial is geared towards intermediate users that are already familiar with Houdini. Please comment or suggest other tutorials below! HIP file available here: http://earthfixed.com/hip/nebula.hip