Give Clouds the Painterly Look in Cinema 4D

By popular demand, here’s a quick and dirty video guide for recreating this: To get the optimal effect, use an actual painted texture in the alpha. Also, the number and size of the planes has a big influence on the look. This is just showing the basic steps because I got a lot of […]

How To Use Maps to Drive a MASH ID Node

How to use MASH’s ID node along with texture maps to drive your animations. If you’re aspiring to be the next Ash Thorp there’s something here for you 😉 Created using Maya 2017 Update 3. MASH is an Autodesk product shipping with Maya 2016 Extension 2 and above.

Understanding the Arnold Vertex Map Shader in C4D

Free sample from the upcoming “Mastering Arnold Renderer for Cinema 4D”. Check out the full post at Related Arnold Renderer (C4DtoA) Tutorials: C4DtoA 13 – Motion Blur – C4DtoA 12 – Arnold Mesh Light – C4DtoA 11 – Arnold TP Group – C4DtoA 10 – Vertex Maps – C4DtoA 09 […]

Realtime Geometry Updates With Octane For C4D

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How To Stabilize for Roto Paint in Nuke

In this in depth video, imagineer systems product specialist, Mary Poplin, shows you how to Stabilize and Roto Paint in Nuke using Mocha Pro and mochaImport+. This specific technique was used to paint out makeup errors in U.F.Oh Yeah by Film Riot. The final video can be found here: Techniques used: Difficult Tracking through […]

Paint Splines Directly on Objects in C4D

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painting a creature in zbrush 4.0

Hello again, I’ve slowly been trying to cover most major aspects of production within a pipeline. This time I wanted to cover character painting by hand using Polypaint in Zbrush. This is a 35 minute real time video where I talk you through my personal process for painting a creature inside of Zbrush. I hope […]