TEDx Sydney: Titles

TEDx Sydney: “Unconventional” Opening Titles Unconventional: To zig when others zag, to think outside the box and go against the flow, to break free from the status quo, make our own luck, and find new paths. Being unconventional often results in disruption and innovation – and in Ideas Worth Spreading. TEDxSydney is the leading platform […]

Rendering a Sci-fi Gun and Scene With VrayForC4D

Alright so here is the promised 4 Part tutorial. Thx again for 2000 Facebook followers. Download the Octane Scene File here: https://www.mediafire.com/?sda1t0dmmcz3z48 If you want to follow this Vray tutorial along, just download the octane scene file delete all the materials and use the same textures from the included texture folder. That’s it! ~Dominik More […]

Creating and Rendering Plastic and Glass Typography in Cinema 4D

More at www.ratemyfuneral.com – In this Cinema 4D tutorial we go through creating a cool text effect where the glass front is separate from the hollow plastic backing. We have a look at a bit of simple Xpresso which enables really easy changes to the text. Next we light the scene and put the bolts […]