Import Real-World Refractive Index Curves With This C4D Plugin

A Cinema 4D tag plugin for import (k and n) to curve data Then you can apply them and change them anywhere and as you want ! More informations : Song : Mounika. – De Roses Et De Colombes

Animated Weather and Cracked Transition in Cinema 4D

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a smooth to cracked transition in Cinema 4D using Xpresso and proximal shader, also I will show you how to make an xpresso rig to easily animate the transition effect. ► Learn more at :

Creating a Great-Looking Cloth Shader in V-Ray for Maya

Make sure to sign up to my newsletter on I won’t bombard you with things but I’ll def try my best to share a blend of illuminating info, free tutorials and other assets. To download the Maya scene with the shaders and the lighting setup please follow this link: In this tutorial I […]

Rendering a Sci-fi Gun and Scene With VrayForC4D

Alright so here is the promised 4 Part tutorial. Thx again for 2000 Facebook followers. Download the Octane Scene File here: If you want to follow this Vray tutorial along, just download the octane scene file delete all the materials and use the same textures from the included texture folder. That’s it! ~Dominik More […]