Chiara Porri – Animation Reel 2015

My animation reel with some of my shots from 2012 / 2015! Music: Chemical Brothers-Escape 700 Reel Breakdown: Shot 01: “Animation test”, 2015 personal work with the Mery Project Rig Time Taken: 4 days Shot 02: “Dog Run Cycle”, 2015 personal work with Dog Rig by Ram Krish Time Taken: 1 day Shot 03: […]

3D Artist ShowReel | Jorge Lumbaque Rios

I share my Portfolio with environment for Animations and Videogames projects. 3D Modelling, Textured, Lighting, Animation, Render and VFX.

Michael Tierney’s Showreel 2017

Michael Tierney's Showreel

Gergana Alexandrova ShowReel

BY: Gergana Alexandrova Compositing Showreel – “The Jungle Book”, “Guardians of The Galaxy “, “Dracula Untold” [email protected]  

Motion Design Reel

I finally finished my reel i tried to show various styles i can work with hope you enjoy!!!

The Mill Motion Design Reel

The Mill Motion Design Reel

Motion Graphics Reel 2009

Motion Graphics Reel by Timur Frost

Félix R. Cuevas – Rigging Showreel 2017

In this video,Character Rigging Artist Felix R. Cuevas shows his most impressive work and Amazing tools.

Matt Conway – Matte Painting Showreel – 2018

Matt Conway is senior matte painter and vfx artist. His work is truly inspirational.


Take a look at our FX departments latest reel, showcasing their team’s explosive work on movies including Wrath of the Titans, Prometheus, Man of Steel and X-Men. Music “”Put on the Suit” by Nicolas Techer

Grooming Reel 2017 – Grzegorz Jankowski

Works done for Platige Image Commercials.

The Isotope, from Craig Pinto

The Isotope is a personal project created to better understand motion, and 3d. No story, no concept, just building my craft and creativity from inspiration online and from other places. Software: Cinema 4D / X-Particles / Octane Render / After Effects / Premiere / Photoshop / Illustrator Music: Tycho – Continuum Béhance: Twitter:

Animating a Run Cycle? Here are Some Great Tips

video tutorial for a Run Cycle Other videos here: And my personal Blog 😉 Software: Maya Rig: Steel Twitter:

Gabriela Salmeron Hair and Fur/ VFX Reel 2016

Gabriela Salmeron Hair and Fur TD/ VFX Generalist

NextLimit Releases RealFlow 2015 Focusing on Speed, Quality & Control

RealFlow 2015 Dyverso solvers offer a huge speed up on small to medium scale simulations. These solvers have been rewritten from scratch and with GPU in mind to take advantage of new hardware options. Scenes that with previous RealFlow versions might have taken hours can now be simulated in a matter of minutes.

Dissolve Maya Fluids Using Particles

Learn how to create some Fluid Special Effects in Maya. While planning out a simple explaination to a comment by Hung Lee here, I decided that a video is more useful and then because i had a little time put in some more particle goodness. Let me know what you guys think!