Zbrush – Quick sketch

Long time no sculpt, getting back to Zbrush fun!

Daily Experiments – C4D / Octane / Houdini

Some daily explorations, C4D / Octane / Houdini

Fungi – Houdini Asset

First, try at HDA and some modeling, lots to tweak, will upload the asset when is finished.

Octane Light Studies In C4D

Practicing some octane lighting. - Model by the awesome Raoul Marks

Tutorial 02 – Proper 3D Scan (Retopo & UVs) C4d / Zbrush

In this tutorial I will share some tips to 3D Scan a shoe with Autodesk Remake, then we will retopo with Zbrush were we will also make the UVs, then we will project the high poly data and UV to the retopo version with xNormals.


Learning some UI stuff at LearnSquared.com

Taboo Serie Tribute – 2h Style Frame

Watched Taboo yesterday, awesome serie, wanted to do a frame in 2 hours this is what I came up with, not a proper workflow at all, should have used octane scatter or displacement/normal for the feathers/hair, but it was fun anyways!

Houdini Procedural Bots

Some procedural characters done with Houdini, you put a shape, press play and you get different results.

The Boxer – Zbrush / Marvelous / Substance / Octane

Anatomy study based on concept by the great Kris Costa

Cinema 4D Tutorial – 3D Pickle

In this tutorial I show you how to model, texture, and render a pickle in C4D r14 using parametric objects, procedural textures, subsurface scattering, HDRI lighting, and global illumination.

Redshift Volumetric Lights Cinema 4D Tutorial

I´m talking about Volumetric Lights, Sub-Surface Material and Render Settings. There are already some tutorials on this topic. Nevertheless, this can be useful,too. The information is more for users who already have experience in Redshift than for beginners. Hope you like it anyway. Example:https://vimeo.com/264227961

Using multiple bevel deformers – CINEMA 4D TUTORIAL

In this video I will show you how to create some weird looking shapes with bevel deformers inside Cinema 4D. So let’s start.

Redshift 2 Maya Trace Sets & Object Visibility

This tutorial covers trace sets, a great feature for controlling what an object is reflecting/refracting on a per object level with fine control over what gets reflected or refracted. This feature exists in all the other applications now but was recently added to Maya.

Using Multiple Bevel Deformers Using CINEMA 4D

In this video I will show you how to create some weird looking shapes with bevel deformers inside Cinema 4D.

Creating Colorful Tendrils in Cinema 4D

In this tutorial we use a procedural technique to model and animate colorful tendrils in Cinema 4D

Flat Surface Extrusion in Octane for Cinema 4D

In this tutorial we will learn Flat surface extrusion in C4D

Duality – Cinema 4D Tutorial

Under the fine beats of AMB / https://soundcloud.com/amb/far-from-any-road-amb-bootleg For more information and free training please visit www.inlifethrill.com

C4D quicktip – Brush In The Air

In this video, c4d expert Berd shows how to create brush in the air effect. music is as good as tutorial is. #awesomeness

Roof Studio’s Imaginary Friend Society “What is an MRI?”

Roger and Charlie know MRIs inside and out. Here, these imaginary friends explain what to expect from an MRI scan and offer some awesome tips to avoid getting bored in the process. For more, go to: https://www.imaginaryfriendsociety.com/