Tutorial Zbrush – Sculpting A Head

This is a tutorial looking at how to sculpt a male bust in z-brush.

Michael Tierney’s Showreel 2017

Michael Tierney's Showreel

Zbrush Project Primitive Test

A quick test made for fun during the beta testing stage of ZBrush 2018. the design is bad but was more focused on exploring features

Zbrush Tutorial HD ZBrush 4R4 Insert Multi Mesh in Action

ZBrush 4R4 Insert Multi Mesh in Action.

Organic Modelling in ZBrush – Full Character

today we will learn how to use Brush boost organic modelling in ZBursh character.

New Shapes Update Features Additions and Maya 2018 Compatibility

Quick overview of the new features and improvements of SHAPES 4.4. Try or buy SHAPES here: http://www.braverabbit.com/shapes/ ___________________________________________________________________________ List of changes for SHAPES 4.4: New – channel action to remove the target deltas for the entire mesh or selected components only – weight and region maps can now be stored in an optional JSON file […]

Add Details to Your Model With C4D’s Sculpting Tools

In this Cinema 4D tutorial I will show you how to Sculpt a Creature Head. I will show the sculpting tools – Pull, Grab, Flatten, Knife, pinch, inflate and wax. Also how to use a stamp for High frequency sculpting. C4D files: http://astronomic3d.com/c4d-scene-files/0022-sculpt-a-creature-head


Over the past years EGYD has accompanied producer and sound designer Fabian Luttenberger, creating artworks for EPs and singles. For his latest release, “Elektrolyte,” he teamed up with UK singer Alexanderson. The song is about rejuvenation and relief, how one person can satisfy all your desires and bring you back to life. We were asked […]

Use Topology-Based Masks for Easier Blender Sculpting

Note that selecting vertices in weight paint mode is much faster than in Edit mode. Even just entering that mode for that matter, so that’s why this method is the fastest. Mask Tools add-on : https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?371584-Mask-Tools Music : Little Lily swing, Tri-Tachyon http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Tri-Tachyon/Little_Lily_Swing/Tri-Tachyon_-_01_-_Little_Lily_Swing

Get Started Sculpting in C4D With This Primer

I’ve been messing around with sculpting quite a bit lately and it’s a ton of fun. This tutorial is a quick primer to get you started in Cinema 4D sculpting. In this tutorial I’ll go over setting up your sculpt, using stamps and presets and how to use height maps (I use ones from terrain.party). […]

VDB Painter Offers Artist Friendly Tools for OpenVDB SDF Volumes in Houdini

Finally had the time to finish the Tech Demo. Releasing Demo Asset for testing this Weekend if everything goes well. VDB Painter (former mbPainter) for Sidefx Houdini is an Artist Friendly Set of Tools for interactive Manipulation of OpenVDB (www.openvdb.org) SDF Volumes. It includes 3 Basic Modes. Brush Tools (BT), Mesh Fusion (MT) and Filter […]

11 Small Things You Will Love in Cinema 4D R17

As usual I turn the spotlight into smaller features of this release, this is 11 of my favorite advancements in Cinema 4D R17. They are: 1. Trackball navigation 2. Metaball improvements 3. Motion paths performance 4. Display color shader 5. Edge angle limit for sculpting 6. Dopesheet real-time feedback 7. F-Curves Zoom to Cursor 8. […]

ZBRUSH Anatomy Reference Tips

Learning accurate human anatomy takes time and effort and theres no quick way to do it. There are loads of reference books available and most of us start to learn anatomy in this way. These days we have the benefit of mobile devices and this little video talked through two apps that I use all […]

A Master Class in Rock Sculpting, 3D Modeling in 3DCoat, ZBrush and Modo

hi everyone, this is Aaron from IndieDungeon.com and I’m happy to show our first tutorial video. In the video we go over the full details of sculpting and texturing a rock formation. our workflow starts out sculpting in voxels using 3DCoat, then we move on to use Zbrush to complete the modeling and surfacing process […]

Creating a Realtime Carved Wood Texture with Maya and ZBrush

Hey, in this video, I’m showing how to achieve a wood carving texture panel in Maya/Zbrush: – How to model the leaves and flower – Get a nice and clean mesh flow – Export the mesh to zbrush – Project mesh to a plane with the resolution ratio needed – Adding details to edges and […]

speeding up your zbrush workflow with Go Z

Tutorial: Speeding up your ZBrush Workflow with GoZ davidmlally.com/blog