ATROPA VFX Breakdowns

Visual effects breakdowns for the sci-fi digital series ATROPA.

Introduction to Creating Houdini Digital Assets

Eosacro has slowly been putting together an entire beginners course in Side FX Houdini, showing the basics and offering introductions to core concepts such as modeling, expressions and procedural workflow.Here, Eosacro shows how to create and use Houdini Digital Assets, taking a simple table model from previous episodes and converting it to a usable Digital Asset. 

An Introduction to Houdini’s Procedural Workflow

eosacro has been doing introductions not he key components of SideFX Houdini, covering a range of beginner and starter topics. With a new post, he looks specifically at offering an introduction into Houdini’s procedural workflow.If you are not used to a node based system, Houdini’s procedural workflow may seem a little daunting to you. I remember the first time i […]

A Brief Introduction to Using Houdini Expressions and Variables

This video is the third introduction to Houdini. Here I show the basics of using variables and expressions. You can find the previous tutorial in the series at Because I want to implement a Nuke and Houdini pipeline tutorials for the Indie artists among you. This video is part of a series of videos […]

A Look at RealFlow 2013 Features from Novedge’s RealFlow A Fluid Revolution Webinar What it’s About Since the first previews of Hybrido 2 (RealFlow’s large-scale fluid solver) were released at the beginning of the year, the industry has eagerly anticipated the release of RealFlow 2013. This webinar will guide you through some of the major new features you can expect to find in the latest and greatest […]