Enhancing Quixel Wood with 3D Texture Projection in Maya

In this brief tutorial, I demonstrate a simple process for adding a wood ring pattern to an existing Quixel Suite project using 3D texture projection in Maya.

Modeling Details With Displacement Shaders and Deformers in Cinema 4D

How to create surface details using displacement shaders and displacement deformers in Cinema 4D. Download the example file: www.konstantinmagnus.de/files/pillar.c4d

Creating a Realtime Carved Wood Texture with Maya and ZBrush

Hey, in this video, I’m showing how to achieve a wood carving texture panel in Maya/Zbrush: – How to model the leaves and flower – Get a nice and clean mesh flow – Export the mesh to zbrush – Project mesh to a plane with the resolution ratio needed – Adding details to edges and […]