Zbrush – Quick sketch

Long time no sculpt, getting back to Zbrush fun!

Daily Experiments – C4D / Octane / Houdini

Some daily explorations, C4D / Octane / Houdini

Nike – C4D / Octane / Houdini / Zbrush

Practicing some crystal and organic stuff.

Houdini / C4D / Octane

learning stuff, thanks to everyone making awesome tutorials!

Tutorial 02 – Proper 3D Scan (Retopo & UVs) C4d / Zbrush

In this tutorial I will share some tips to 3D Scan a shoe with Autodesk Remake, then we will retopo with Zbrush were we will also make the UVs, then we will project the high poly data and UV to the retopo version with xNormals.

Houdini Mushroom – R&D

Some further practice at modeling inside houdini. Hip file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0ZEnOQAJQzvR2NJT0dwazlKNmc Song: Shpongle – Tickling The Amygdala

Workflow Timelapse Zbrush/ Mixamo / Houdini / C4D / Marvelous / Octane.

Quick timelapse showing the workflow between Zbrush / Mixamo / Houdini / C4D / Marvelous / Octane.

Taboo Serie Tribute – 2h Style Frame

Watched Taboo yesterday, awesome serie, wanted to do a frame in 2 hours this is what I came up with, not a proper workflow at all, should have used octane scatter or displacement/normal for the feathers/hair, but it was fun anyways!

SciFi – Making of

Timelapse of some hard surface modeling practice.

Houdini Procedural Bots

Some procedural characters done with Houdini, you put a shape, press play and you get different results.

The Boxer – Zbrush / Marvelous / Substance / Octane

Anatomy study based on concept by the great Kris Costa

Houdini Tutorial 04 . Worms

Hey guys, here's another quick tutorial to create a pile of worms inside Houdini, rendered with Octane, hope you like it.

Suraj Nayak – 3D Artist – Lighting Showreel 2018

3D Artist | Lighting Showreel 2018 | BY-Suraj Nayak

Tutorial Zbrush – Sculpting A Head

This is a tutorial looking at how to sculpt a male bust in z-brush.

Advanced Texturing: Creature Painting Teaser Trailer

We will cover various methods of blending our textures and using things like ambient occlusion, before diving into the many procedural textures and noises available in Mari.

Fiber Mesh to 3Ds Max

We Learn How to  Z-Bursh model Fiber mesh to 3ds max.

Zbrush Tutorial HD ZBrush 4R4 Insert Multi Mesh in Action

ZBrush 4R4 Insert Multi Mesh in Action.

Zbrush quicktip – Extruded Meshes

In this video,Berd will show us all, how to use simple meshes and use zbrush to create interesting projected details.

Eclipses in Ancient Lore – 360 / VR Video Animation

Sky wolves, star demons, human sacrifice — many ancient cultures spun elaborate stories to explain the phenomenon of a solar eclipse. An animation made for CNN’s VR Livestream, Eclipse of the Century Design + Animation + Sound: Jonathan Reyes Created in Maya, ZBrush, rendered in Octane. Clouds, crowd sim, and fractures done in Houdini. Additional […]

Jake Harrell Shares His UDIM Importer Plugin for ZBrush

UDIM Importer for ZBrush 4R8 will allow you to import and apply multiple UDIM displacement maps. Download v1.01: http://jakeharrell.co.uk/downloads/zplugin_udim_importer_v1_01.zip Info: With ZBrush 4R8 we now seem to be able to import 32bit maps. This means that we can now properly import and apply displacement maps. One thing that’s still missing though, is the ability to […]