Understanding Light Shade and Render in Houdini Modifying the Mantra Surface Shader

The Go Procedural channel has added another module for the first steps in learning SideFX Houdini, in this case, Module 2 of the Light, Shade, and Render series.In this module we will look at the Material Gallery and focus on the Mantra Surface Shader. Once we understand how to use the Mantra Surface Shader we will look under the hood and look at its VOP NetworkM02 Light, Shade and Render provides a look at the Houdini Material Gallery and sets focus on the Mantra Surface Shader and how to use the Mantra Surface Shader. Go Procedural also provides a look under the hood of the Mantra Surface Shader with an overview of its VOP Network.If you missed the first part you can catch up with the Houdini Light, Shade and Render series here Understanding Light Shade And Render In Houdini Scene Set Ups.