mParticle – 3DS Max 2014 Tutorial. Level: advanced (creating flying paper)

Tutorial on a few fun features of mParticle. We will talk about particle skinning, particle glue, and a few other features that we will use to recreate a tutorial from the people who originally made toolbox #2 which is the system that eventually became mParticles along with box#3. This is an advanced tutorial that will […]

Using Phoenix FD to Render Particles Using the Point System

Retouching tutorial with mocha Pro remove module & clean plates

Adding digital makeup and improving skin wrinkes & blemishes can be a timely process. In this video tutorial, Imagineer Systems Product Manager, Martin Brennand shows how mocha Pro’s planar tracking and remove module can be used to clean unwanted details for beauty shots. mocha Pro is available as an upgrade for owners of mocha AE […]

How to track shaky footage and speed up rotoscoping using Planar Tracking

Twitter   –   Facebook Learn how to use Nuke’s Powerful Planar Tracker to simplify many common tracking tasks such as screen replacements and simplifying clean plate and rotoscoping tasks. In this tutorial you will learn how to insert your own text or graphic element onto the onto the side of a building using very shaky hand […]

Nuke Expressions pt3 Quick Tips HD

Creating frame hold for animated camera,disabling nodes using frame range,generating random values.

VFXI Quick Tip – Nuke – Print Value

Show any attribute/knob’s value on the node itself in the node view with this very simple bit of code

Nuke Quick Tip Rendering Nuke Roto Outlines

In this Nuke quick tip we will show how to create a simple setup to extract your roto outlines for the purpose of displaying your shapes over your original plate . A quick VFXLunch brought to you by: Pedro Flores

RayFire Tutorial – Breaking Wooden Wall by Car

In this tutorial You can see how to break wooden wall by car and demolish it to splinters. Download Scene Here Please Subscribe for more tutorials. WebSite  | Twitter  

Basics – Introduction to modeling (1/4) – Getting started in MODO

The first in a four part tutorial series, Martin Mayer introduces the basics in MODO’s modeling tools.

Transitioning to Layers – MARI 2.0 Tutorial 1

For existing MARI Image Engine’s Justin Holt demonstrates the transition to MARI’s new layer system from previous versions.

Beginner’s Guide to MARI: Overview of the MARI interface

In this lesson we will discuss the basics of moving and navigating within MARI. Digital-Tutors is now Pluralsight Learn more

GeoTracker Beta. Demo

GeoTracker is a lightweight Nuke plugin for the model-based single view object tracking. Download here : Demo materials:

GeoTracker 1.0 Showreel

GeoTracker is the first model-based object and camera tracker for Foundry Nuke. Learn more and download

Top 10 Tips & Tricks For The Foundry NUKE

Top 10 Tips & Tricks For The Foundry NUKE. In this Quick Tips video i'm gonna show you my top 10 Tips & tricks which may help you to a lot and also help you to work more fast and decrease your render time also.

What’s New in Nuke 11

Discover more about what’s new in Nuke 11

Nuke 11 – Nuke, Enhanced efficiency and more

Whats new in Nuke 11.0 video covering Frame Server, the updated denoise node an expanded toolsets. More info about Nuke 11 here

FaceBuilder for NUKE | building 3D models of human’s face from Photo in NUKE

FaceBuilder for NUKE FaceBuilder is a very fast and easy to use tool for building 3D models of human’s face or head based on just a few photos. It’s a Foundry Nuke’s plugin and a part KeenTools plugins suite. by Keen – video production studio from St. Petersburg, Russia. Contact: [email protected] Tweets by keen_tools […]

Nuke 11 – Nuke Studio, work with more complexity

Overview video of new disk caching in Nuke Studio 11.0 covering interface and operation. More info about Nuke 11 here

Nuke Quick Tip 007 Using Idistort and noise to create natural FX (Animated Tree wind)

In this Nuke quick tip we will show how to use the IDistort node in Nuke in combination with the noise node to create simple tree wind animation. This is a great technique to add some life to a static matte paintings. Also we will show simple variation of the technique to create water reflection […]

Substance Designer Getting Started: 01 – Creating a base material

In this series you will learn Substance Designer by creating your first base material. Source files can be downloaded here: